Lyrics meaning in "Games People Play" by The Spinners

Per the lyrics below what exactly is going on here? I actually listened to the song while at lunch and could not make what was really going on.

He’s lonely and alienated from a broken relationship. He then has a date and is stood up or is stalking a woman (his ex?) by shadowing her usual haunts. More depressed wandering around.

He then gets on the subway to go home at 12:45. (assume night time). then someone calls his name. His missed date? The woman he is stalking? His ex forgiving him? A booty call? We don’t know, but now he has some direction.

And still we end on a melancholy note.

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That is not my interpretation at all. He’s a guy who is a bit disheartened and on the outs with his girl. She’s supposed to meet him but she’s late and he thinks he’s been stood up and is despondent. Then sees her and is no longer sad.

Could be she’s late on purpose just to fuck with him but I like to think so.

My husband thinks it’s the thoughts that run through a man’s mind while waiting for his late girlfriend. Is she messing with me? She knows I think of her all the time. Oh wait. There she is! She was just late.

We both agree about the late girlfriend and that the singer is happy to see her in the end.

Maybe like a fool, she was waiting at the wrong corner. Probably due to the rain.

You listen to the lyrics? Shit, I avoid dancing like any self-respecting, straight, white guy, but that song gets me moving my shoulders and tapping my foot in a poor approximation of rhythm. And I can can sing along to pretty much the whole song. It’s 70s Soul. I’m in my element. But pay attention to what the lyrics mean? :confused:

That one guy sounded so much like a woman, when I saw them on Soul Train I thought it was a joke.