M&Ms and the illuminati

But in the UK and Ireland, Snickers used to be called … Marathon.

We’re all doomed.

Here’s a linkto the column in question.

3M, of course, stands for Minnesota Mining & Minerals. Hmmm.


Quite a few Mars products have different names in Britain; to make it more confusing, Mars often uses the same name in the US for a different product.

Actually it’s Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing. They were a client of ours in one of my old jobs.

My mistake. Mortification muffles me.

I saw what you did there.

Although aggravating, alarming and angering academics, actively applying alliteration (attentively avoiding awful aberrations) actually accentuates already accurate and apposite aphorisms adding appealing aural attributes as aesthetically attractive augmentation, also accruing admiring audience appreciation at any appropriate announcement .