M&Ms -- it's all about marketing

I don’t eat sweet foods but was wondering if you will eat more M&Ms because they took out the word “plain” from their packaging.

Why are they making such a big deal about it? It’s not a ground breaking idea really.


When I do eat sweets I prefer things like Nutter Butter cookies – not too sweet – and the occasional pint of Coffee Toffee ice cream by Ben and Jerry’s.

Yeah, I saw that and think it’s pretty stupid. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other.

I think the real reason they did it was because they ran out of marketing ideas and thought, “Hey, the one kind is plain. That sounds kind of boring, so let’s change that and make a campaign out of it. The big, talking M&M will say how he hates being called plain, and it will be cute.” I don’t really think it’s cute, or makes much sense.

Though I do think it would be funny if they had some guy in a commercial read the new package and go, “What?!? ‘Milk chocolate’, I had no idea! I thought they were plain.”

What was wrong with plain, anyway? As a rather plain person myself, I kind of like having products designed for me and my plain tastes. Milk chocolate…I dunno, sounds a little too “exciting” and “new” for me. Now if they’d called them “traditional flavored”, I might have gone for that.

m&m’s classic?

i usually refered to the plain ones as normal m&m’s.

Silent_Rob got the closest answer… they needed another marketing campaign. If you remember, the biggest gimmick M&M’s had going for a while was the “Official Candy of the New Millenium”, a slogan that most everybody had (just like the Olympics… “The Offical Whatever of the [insert big event here]”).

Anyway, this campaign will lose steam eventually… what next? Putting Red and Yellow on stage with Britney Spears? If that happens, I’m going on a diet. I’ve already stopped eating at McDonald’s because of that (well, and several other reasons, too… such as moldy hamburger buns, but that’s another story).

I don’t like M&Ms, so they’re wasting their time with that thar newfangled marketing doohickey anyways.

red M&M’s, Blue M&M’s, they all end up the same colour.


They’re milk chocolate? I always thought they were nacho cheese…
::slaps forehead::

I eat M&Ms by the handful…plain…err, milk chocolate or peanut, doesn’t make a difference to me.

Could this mean that dark chocolate M&Ms are just around the corner?

Dark chocolate is said to be better for you, if this is so DC M&M’s could be a new health food!!