(Mac) Converting EPS to TIFF

As you read this keep in mind that I am a total newbie when it comes to Macintosh (<1 week) though I have grown up with PCs.

At work, we have a file called “Heads in Quark”, which is filled with headers (images). The guy who did all the work is not here right now. So I have a quark file, and 4 of the headers are the wrong version. The right versions are currently in EPS viewable as a PDF.

I have this program called “GraphicConverter”, which says it is only happy if the file is in TIFF first. So I need a program that does PDF->TIFF (and hopefully the graphics program can do the TIFF->GIF/JPG. We’ll see.)

I’ve spend an hour googling fruitlessly. GIMP looked good, but it’s not a simple “click me to download” site. I need simple for Macs. I’m so new at this that I (sadly) found out today that Macs do not accept .exes sigh :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help…

I don’t have any PDF files handy but Preview has options for exporting files as both PDF and TIFF formats so presumably it can convert between the two. Preview came with my iMac but perhaps it’s available separately as well?

ponders nod, I know I saw that program on the dock. I won’t be able to see if it works til Monday though, the campus building is locked on weekends and I don’t have a key…yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice

Ooh - Bad news. I’m holding a copy of David Pogue’s Mac OS X - The Missing Manual. On p. 264 he writes “While Preview understands many of the most common formats, there are a few notable exceptions. You can’t open, save, or export EPS files using Preview.” Copyright on this edition is 2002, so it is possible that Preview now works with EPS.

If you’re looking for Mac OS X software, www.versiontracker.com can be useful. If you’re looking for Mac software from a PC, or vice versa, you’ll have to make sure you’re looking in the right section.

      • On Windows, Illustrator 10 (previous version, not the current one) will export an eps to tif, tga or bmp if you need a paletted format, and jpeg if you don’t.
  • The full “creator” version of Acrobat 5 (also the previous version) will also export to tiff (lets you select different types of encoding) as well as a few other options, but at the moment I cannot create an EPS in Illustrator and get that eps to open in Acrobat at all.
    I dunno a whole lot about setting the save options in an eps, so it’s not real surprising.
    But anyway, those are two programs that will do it.

Just for giggles I just opened a 32 page PDF in Preview and exported it to TIFF without any difficulty. I’m using using version 2.1.0, and can confirm that works.

However, I also opened that same PDF in GraphicConverter and did a “save as” to TIFF as well (heck, I didn’t even realize GC could read PDFs), and that also worked.

Perhaps you need a newer version of GraphicConverter? I’m using 4.8. The guy who created it is constantly updating it’s functionality.

Forgot to mention, since you’re new to Macs, have you checked out Apple’s members helping members discussions?

There are a lot of knowledgeable and friendly people there.

From http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/gcabout_formats.htm

EPS: (*) GraphicConverter need a helper application for opening such a file.

However it seems to open up PDF files OK

Maybe you need the most current version…

PDF and EPS are two entirely different creatures! PDF and EPS are both branches of the same family, i.e., the PostScript page description language, but they’re not directly compatible.

You could install GhostScript and do all of this in Unix, but that’s overly complicated for what would be a one-use application. When I had to convert 50 clip-art CD’s for Mac OS X, I used the following:

Check out PStill as Stone Software.

It’ll let you drag-and-drop all the EPS files you want onto it, and it’ll convert them to whatever format you want (or maybe just PDF, which is what I wanted).

Oh, yeah, it’s commercial, but I think you can run it in demo mode. Good luck.

FYI, EPS is a vector-based file using the Postscript descriptive language. PDF is closely related, although both can include imbedded bitmaps. TIF is a bitmapped-only image format. It you can read the EPS or PDF file into any photo editor like Photoshop or Corel, you can save it in a bitmapped format like TIF.