Mac/iTools/security question

This may be a more general topic than I make it out to be:

I am trying to set up my iTools account for a new iMac. I get a window asking for my certificate password. Where would I find such a password? Do I make one up? How do I acquire one?

That’s interesting, I don’t recall any such question when I set up my iTools account, it just asked me to pick a password that I’d use to access the account. Can you be more specific about what the message said?


I think I solved the problem. I had deleted the default security measures in Internet Explorer. Once I restored the defaults, everything went smoothly. I now have the start of a web page.

Do you know, Can you edit the templates for style or upload new styles, or are we stuck with the newsletter styling?

Yeah, you can dump their templates, modify them if you desire, or even put up any html you like, it doesn’t matter. The only thing I think you’re stuck with is the standard template for making files available for downloading, I haven’t figured out a way to use anything other than their standard html page. But then, I haven’t really tried very hard.