Mac keyboard for a PC user?

Is there a way to swap what buttons do what on a Mac keyboard? I’ve got my hands programmed to hit “control” to do most of the stuff Mac wants me to use the “apple” button for – and though I’m now on a Mac at work, I’m still on a PC at home, so reprogramming my hands isn’t really the answer.


Does this help?

AFAIK, AutoHotKey can swap pretty much any key with anything else.

That’s all assuming you want to switch keys on Windows. If you want to switch keys on OS-X, there’s built-in support for that in the System Preferences / Keyboard settings.

Yes, on the Mac. I don’t see anything called “keyboard settings” in system preferences. Might it be called something else?

Ah yes. It’s under “System preferences” -> “Keyboard & Mouse” -> [Keyboard tab] -> “Modifier keys” (that’s the button at the bottom of the window).

Woohoo! Thank you! That worked.