Mac mavens: Mini HDMI->HDMI cable?

I am a little ashamed to be asking about this as I should darn well know how to do this, but I am stuck, and relatively new to Macs (first one) so I will swallow my pride and confess my lack of computer omniscience or at least patience! Here goes:

I am trying to use my new Samsung 19" HDTV as a second monitor with my iMac Dual Core 20". Not for close work, but to throw up video and screenshots for others in the room to see. The IMac has a mini HDMI plug and the Samsung has a regular HDMI. The “Genius Bar” was no help, they said “Yeah, the cable is over there”, but all they had was crappy mini HDMI -> VGA/composite. Yuck. Fry’s, nothing, Google hasn’t helped. Surely there is suchathing? I was assured the computer had enough video memory to support the second monitor when I bought it at the Apple Store™, as it was always in my plan for the thing. I have been playing with the sliders and it seems like it will achieve the resolutions I need to run both monitors without problem.

I hope I have provided enough info, and mega doper thanks in advance for anyone with a link to suchathing!

I think there’s a little confusion here. The port on your iMac is a mini-DVI port, which is non-standard. You want the mini-DVI to DVI dongle to give the iMac a standard DVI port. Then, you use a DVI to HDMI adapter.

HDMI and DVI aren’t exactly the same thing. DVI is for video, HDMI is a DVI signal and an audio signal that travels over the same cable.

So does that mean that DVI is a subset of HDMI? That seems like it would work. Where would I get such a dongle? Thanks!

More or less. The HDMI spec is designed to be backwards compatible with DVI.

Amazon has a selection of cables and adapters, search on “dvi hdmi”. Stay away from the Monster cables, they’re way overpriced and don’t do anything special when compared with a more reasonably priced cable.

Actually it is this TV. It seems to have a DVI in. Apple has the product. Sorry if I let my omniscience slip there for a moment. I feel as if I let Cecil down. Thanks Cleophus. Yeah, I know about “Monster Markup” cables. I wuz born with a voltmeter in my hand.