Mac OS 9.1--worth it?

I bought an iMac last Christmas and it’s been a horrendous disappointment. I’ve been having frequent freeze-ups and have also had two “cannot mount hard drive” crashes. It has Mac OS 9.0.4; is OS 9.1 the answer to my prayers? Is anyone out there using it?

9.1 works like a charm on my iMac, but I never had any trouble with 9.0.4 either.

I highly recommend the upgrade to 9.1. As I understand it, there were some substantial upgrades to the Mac ROM image that is loaded during boot, and you should find 9.1’s improvements will help your stability.
However, in most cases like you’ve described, it usually turns out to be some sort of conflict between two incompatible extensions. I highly recommend “Conflict Catcher” to diagnose and eliminate these problems.


As Chas.E pointed out, the problem is most likely some other piece of software - not the OS. Maybe we can help you. Do your freezes occur as a result of some repeatable action (i.e. launching some application, printing, sleeping, etc.) or do they seem to be random? Has your computer always experienced this problem or can you trace it’s origins to the installation of some program? Anything else that you care to tell us about your system or software that might be different from the shipping configuration?

Just trying to help…