Mac OS X Yosemite bitchfest thread


As long as you like Steve’s choice (and his legacy), OS X and iOS are great—those few choices were made by experts who devoted substantial effort in making a good UI.
I hate customizations, since I am always moving from machine to machine, so this fits my lifestyle very well. Those examples posted by sweat209 make my brain hurt.

But I can understand how someone who really wants to make it their own can feel constrained.

So why is it they could do it in the 90’s and now they cannot? Windows 98 had themes they even had a Plus thing you can buy with more themes .If they can’t support basic themes like this must be very lazy companies today.

If you say these are themes to Linux lover they would lough at you.These are basic themes nothing more very basic.That’s give me some GUI changes!!

The future is we are to tell computers what to do!! Not learn how to work with computers.If I tell computer to crawl , jump ,make a bigger start button and flash yellow with green sparklers when I put my mouse cursor by it.The computer better do it.

If programming is not evolving complexity and around user commands and customization and user adoption. I don’t want to be apart of that future at all.

Why are going back in time!! Why was the 90’s more futuristic? Are programmers very lazy today?

Among other things, we still use it at work. If I temporarily move to a new computer that’s still running XP, I have to set the individual user preferences. Plus, until I got my new MacBook Pro the old one wouldn’t really support running anything newer than XP (well, maybe Vista) in Boot Camp.

TimeWinder, while all of that is very nice, it’s not really what I was thinking about. I don’t think wanting something like the XP Standard vs Windows Classic option is that unreasonable.

It does not necessarily follow that the ability to change any UI element in any way on a machine is better.

It’s quite a challenge to help my mom with issues she has with her iPad or with her iMac, over the phone (even after walking her through getting desktop sharing going). I can’t imagine how it would be if she were using Win8 on a desktop and using an Android tablet.

Happily we still have alternative operating systems to go to if Apple’s “any color you want as long as it’s black, or at least a discrete shade of grey” approach is insufficient.

Why does Apple want to take away the left-hand panel in iTunes? I use it constantly.

That is UI change not themes. Look at os x tiger AND than snow leopard

That is bit of UI change likewise going from windows 98 to windows ME or windows vista to windows 7.

Some people may have problems with a small UI change:eek::eek: , but if they have problems with this they are not going to get any where in life.

A bigger UI change will be going from windows 98 to windows XP and windows XP to windows 7 and really big change to windows 8.

This is what will confuse most people.
But I’m talking about themes not UI change like the screenshots above of the windows 98 themes.

If it look like IT Pro or or

Your Mom will not have trouble the UI is the same.

How old are you, sweat209?

You need to get a bit of perspective, if you think that not being able to colorize your UI elements is a big deal.

You can complain about iTunes here.

I did. I hate the sidebar being totally gone, not even an option. WTF?

And then, once you find the little tiny icon of the phone or pad or whatever, THEN you get the sidebar. Or if I click “Playlists” it shows my phone and my playlists, but not the rest of the library. Yeaaaaah, that’s way better than it was before, Apple. Thank Bob that y’all are on top of this situation and providing such elegant solutions to such non-existent problems; the world would likely collapse without the wisdom evidenced here.

A better question why did people in the 90’s have different themes and appearances?

And now people what it to look business like?

Why do we have screensavers and wallpaper? That just go all business like no appearances to how person may like it. Only one wallpaper and one screensaver.Why give us option for different screensavers and wallpaper.

Back in windows 98 days every month or so I use to put new theme on has I get tired it looking the same all the time.

It didn’t seem to me that a lot of people customized their Windows experience. I sure as hell didn’t, and it was rare for me to see the average user do so. I just ran the straight outta-the-box Windows XP and it looked all fine and dandy to me. Windows Classic was fine, too, but I thought XP was pretty, as well.

For the same reason people in the 60’s dressed like this.

Styles change.

Anyhow, I installed it on one of my Macs, and it looks fine to me so far. I haven’t noticed any major changes, except that it’s even flatter that before, which is fine by me, as I’ve never been a big fan of I guess what they call skeuomorphism. Everything looks nice and clean, just the way I like it.

People in business world did not but there was lot of people in homes that did. People less computer nerdy or younger did not.

Look in the upper-right corner - there’s a little drop-down menu. Click on that and select “Artists”. That will create an alphabetical list of artists in a left-hand sidebar, and clicking an artist will show you that artist’s albums in the main window. That set everything to exactly the way I had it in the previous version.

One change I really love is that, when I use the keyboard to adjust my volume, it no longer makes that annoying “poik-poik-poik” sound.

It’s okay on my mini and I don’t mind the look of it, but I SO wish I hadn’t put it on my MacBook (which probably just doesn’t have enough memory to run the thing). It takes forever to simply launch a browser and just about everything else I use is either super sluggish or just plain broken.

hey, you’ve just described iOS upgrades. my iPad has been an incredible piece of junk ever since iOS 8 dropped. after a wipe and restore, it’s usable again.

That’s not the same as having the old sidebar back. I liked all those buttons in the sidebar where I could see all of them at once, not where I have to hit 2 or three buttons to navigate now.

I’m still getting used to that. I used the auditory to judge what level I was at so I could adjust quickly without looking a the screen.

You underestimate the challenge.

For many people (like my mom), something as simple as changing the screen colors can have a serious impact on their ability to use the machine. In her case, she knows the “thin path” to get to what she needs to do, and any deviation such as funky colors doesn’t help.

You can turn that back on under the sound preferences, I believe.

I think lot of the problem with elderly people is they need some one to sit down with them and explain how it works and need practice with it everyday.After you do it every day and understand the logic behind it makes sense.

There are also free computers coursess for elderly people and computer novices one can take.I would recommend it for your mom if you don’t have time to teach her.

I’m shock how a lot people can’t even use file manager like

The concepts of directory ,sub-directory and drives are beyond person grasp.

We should not be dumbing down computers what is next in 50 years from now you will have to talk to a computer like in star trek.:(:mad: Computer launch MS office and computer now save MS office and close program.

I agree the default should be more the same and professional.Like in computer store , in public library computer.

If I was Boss of company I would want it more professional , a company wallpaper logo a company screensaver logo.No installing programs ,no messing around with themes and mods and appearance. No going into file manager or control panel.

If you bring your own laptop to work I don’t care what you do with it.