Mac Sound help needed FAST

I have a G5.

I have a working miicrophone.

I have OSX

I have line In, iMovie and everything else.

I cannot get the mike to register anywhere. Not in imovie, not in the alert box, not anywhere. I plugged it in to the port right below the sound out port, because that’s the port I use for XM radio and it works. There are no other ports that seem to accept the mike except that one…or are there?

I used Line in and adjusted everything in every way, I closed it and quit and went with the system alone.



This is a very time-sensitive need, so all your help is much appreciated.

I had the same problem. There is apparently no way to make a standard microphone work with a G5. Apparently, if you get a “self-powered” microphone, it will work with the line-in port, but no one I’ve talked to knows what one of those is. I confirmed all of this on the Apple support boards a month ago.

Your best bet is to find somewhere that sells USB microphones. I picked one of these up at my local Apple store, and it works great.

Hope that helps,

You could get a Griffin Imic, basically a self contained USB sound card. I bought one a couple of weeks ago to use with a turntable, but the bass response is almost nonexistent :frowning: , although it can connect to microphones. At least it was cheap :wink: .