Mac users: Time to switch to Firefox?

I just read this NY Times article about the latest version of Firefox.

Some months ago I read some comparison reviews and it sounded like Safari still had a slight edge over Firefox on the Mac. Firefox was preferred on Windows though.

Just recently, I tried to play a video on the website, and it said on the Mac you could only view it using Firefox. Grr. My roommate likes to dink around on the site, and says his personal page doesn’t look right under Safari, so he uses Firefox for that.

I like Safari’s in-line spell checker, as well as its pop-up blocker. I was never able to successfully migrate all my old bookmarks from IE though, and I find my bookmarks under Safari could be a teensy bit easier to work with, frankly.

IE: No longer supported.
Netscape: Never heard any good reason to go back to those guys.
Opera: Don’t they expect you to pay?

So, what do you all think? If I’m going to switch, I want to make a complete switch. I hate bouncing back and forth from browser to browser. It’s such a PIA migrating your bookmarks, then re-signing in to all your favorite sites that require it. I never want to see a pop-up, or pop-under, or pop-anything. I want my spell checking.

Will Firefox make me happy? Is it truly the browser to beat now?

Anything that discourages custom MySpace pages is cool with me :smiley:

I’ve only gotten one popup with Safari, since I got OSX about five years ago.

Not any more.

After seeing FF 1.5 and Shiira, I decided to try those both. Each has a small but fatal flaw that will most likely keep me with Safari.

If you select text in Firefox, it selects it Windows-style. That is, you double click “Straight” and drag right, and it will select “dope” letter by letter. Whereas on a Mac, double-click+drag should select word-by-word. I C&P too much to ignore this.

Shiira has an annoying habit of not selecting, or de-selecting the current window, making it impossible to use the keyboard to refresh or scroll.

Firefox has no autofill. That really sucks. Does seem to render pages faster though; this is great for SMDB where I open every thread I want to read at once. A lot of stuff that I liked is Safari was missign in Firefox, but I found extensions to fix most of them. No autofill is a big negartive though.

I’m totally with you on that one. I can’t stand how every page can have its own mp3 playing, and you can’t turn it off. I don’t understand the allure of Myspace.

I haven’t gotten many either, and I’m pretty happy about that. I have had a few though, but it seems Safari is pretty good about stamping that out with the next software update.

Interesting. I also find C&P a little annoying, even under Safari. Very often I find text that either won’t select, or it’ll select and take the whole page along for the ride, too.

I use safari, although I have minor qualms:

You can’t middle click to close a tab

You have no arrow to find a previously typed website. So you have to retype it. I normally use this exclusively.

When you highlight something and click, “Search in Google” it does it in the same tab unlike Firefox. Also there is no "Go to this address, like in firefox.

But Safari is a resource hog, I did an experiment loading webpages from slashdot simultaneously and firefox took up about 25 percent more real memory, and about the same virtual memory, and when you close tabs it doesn’t go down.

This is the new firefox, btw. Also I hate Firefox scrolling.

personally, i’m bummed microsluts don’t support IE any more
Netscape always pissed me off
Safari is missing some nice features I’ve gotten accustomed to at W (using Win & IE) - not being able to “send a link” is what burns me the most
also i use tripod for my site. and it works mostly fine in any mac browser - but the software lycos uses is clearly win-preferential
i might give firefox a try, i won’t have to pay for it, will i?

I’ve been using Firefox for a few months and love it very much.
No autofill? Mine seems to work ok, unless I’m misunderstanding what that means. I have fewer problems with incompatible pages than I did with Safari. I love tabs. I love popup blocking. I love the extension I downloaded that won’t let flash things play unless I tell them to. I don’t really like how the bookmark organizer works. And I miss the cool Mozilla icon. I want my dinosaur back.

I moved to FF a few months back, and haven’t really looked back. The extensibility of Firefox just makes it much more desirable than Safari, and the speed issue is a wash from what I’ve noticed.

The idea of paying money for a browser is pretty much a joke, and has been for a while, even if Opera still tried.

Either Firefox’s popup blocking isn’t very good, or the advertisers on my oft-visited websites are. I routinely get popups on, specifically.

What exactly don’t you guys like about Safari’s bookmarks? Individual bookmarks or folder is either the menu or the drag-and-drop friendly bookmark bar, and an organization page, if you need to rearrange. What’s missing?

I have gotten accustomed to middle-clicking at work with FF/Win2K, but I own an iBook and am usually too lazy to plug in the mouse, so I’m pretty accustomed to that. Maybe when I get a desktop.

“Individual bookmarks or a folder, in either the menu or the drag-and-drop friendly bookmark bar, and an organization page, if you need to rearrange. What’s missing?”

My gripe with Safari’s bookmarks is pretty trivial. Mainly I’m pissed I can’t import everything as-is, from IE. After I’ve added bookmarks manually, it’s not too big a deal. You have to choose where to add the bookmark. Then, choose “show all bookmarks,” then move them around and rename them.

Truly, not a big gripe in the grand scheme of things. I was just hoping someone would have made it somehow more intuitive, simple and elegant.

But really not a biggie.

I can. But maybe that’s because I’m using a 3rd party mouse (Logitech).

Click and hold on the back arrow in Safari will give you a list of visited sites.

Opens in a different tab for me.

Maybe I just can’t find it. Where is autofill hiding?

Thanks for trying to help, but maybe you can help me out further? I still don’t quite have it down :wink:

I am not sure if you get what I mean here. In Firefox I could middle click anywhere on the tab. I realize you can middle-click on the close button and close the tab, but I like not having to search for that tiny “x”

Basically I’m looking for a list of websites that I’ve typed in like the dropdown box in Firefox. THe problem with this is that it gives you a history right? So it will give me a list of the last ten pages I’ve loaded? I haven’t tried because I opened this in a new tab, so I have no history.

I have no idea for this one :frowning:

:stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, I’ll be stuck using Safari though. I think it is marginally better than firefox.

I have my mouse configured to “close window” when I click on the middle button (scroll wheel). In Safari (and Firefox) this closes the tab (wherever I click).