MacDowell: Woodland Sketches

I was getting mopey and depressed doing thesis work over this, my week of spring break. I dug up this old gem from my sheet music shelf and played as much of it as I could (which is mostly “To a Wild Rose” and “A Deserted Farm,” lol), and listened to the rest of it on my ipod.

I love it. It’s total kitsch, unabashed and unashamed nostalgia. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never went cottaging in my youth, never visited New England, and yet I listen to the Woodland Sketches and want to drive down to Walden pond on July afternoon and live in a shack.

My bum wrist doesn’t like playing tenths. And these little vignettes are way too damn hard to play.

Any other thoughts on the Woodland Sketches?

A Nat King Cole rendition of “To a Wild Rose,” which I like almost as much as the original: