Macy's - Boo!

I don’t get Macy’s move to buy-out the competition (many chains across the country, many already acquired) and change these stores to being all under the Macy’s name by early 2006. The people who don’t shop Macy’s cannot afford Macy’s…so I fail to see Macy’s gain?

More power to the remaining competition! It’ll soon be the Wal-Mart Thanksgiving Day parade! - Jinx

Yeah-even if Federated owned them all, it was nice to have some Philly-based department store names still in operation. Now the last one is dead-Strawbridges, formerly known as Strawbridge and Clothier. John Wanamaker’s-dead. Lit Brothers-dead. Krass Brothers-dead. Can’t remember if Gimbels was Philly or NY based, but they’re gone, too. Hess’, Pomeroys have been gone-is Bloomingdale’s still alive? I’m starting to feel like a damn fossil-Lord & Taylor and Penney’s are about the only department stores other than Sears that have survived, and L&T is part of Federated, too.

Macy’s couldn’t handle it in Houston, except in a couple of places, so they take over Foleys, a better store with a more recognizable local name. They should have done the same thing Safeway did with local grocery stores. Buying out, but keeping the same name.

However, I haven’t shopped a Foleys in over a year. Still I hate to see it go.

They recently bought Marshall Field’s and the talk in Chicago was about how likely it will be that they do away with the name and change them all to Macy’s. I really think they will run into serious problems if they do. I can’t imagine the idea of the State Street Field’s being changed to Macy’s without a loud uproar and a loss of business.

The last of the big Indy-based department stores are going away, too. Block’s died a natural death quite a few years ago, but first Federated bought Lazarus (which has been “Macy’s/Lazarus” for a couple years & now just Macy’s), and now LS Ayres. It was in today’s paper that the LS Ayres name will be completely phased out by Fall, 2006.

They already had to move the frickin’ Ayres Tea Room to the Indiana State Museum to maintain it as any kind of entity. Now the entire NAME is going away.

This SUCKS. :mad:

Meanwhile, in Boston, Federated is doing away with the Filene’s identity:

Diurectly across the street from the Filene’s flagship store is what used to be Jordan Marsh, another venerable local department store chain before Macy’s gobbled it up and rebranded it to… why, yes, to Macy’s.

And in D.C. they’re swalloping up the Hecht’s name.

Man, I hate to see all these stores vanish. What’s wrong with keeping their name, whether or not someone else owns them?

The veneralbe Bon Marche is no more. The Bon, although an upscale store, guaranteed the lowest mattress prices in town and was the largest mattress retailer in Washington. And the shoe department was known for it’s selection. Many of my school clothes came from the Bon Bargain Basement each year. The Bargain Basement went away when The Bon was sold to Federated and I don’t think they even sell mattresses anymore since the name was changed to Macy’s.

:confused: Strawbridges is gone? Then what store was I walking though yesterday in the Burlngton Center?

I used to shop at The Denver. It was gobbled up by May D&F, in turn gobbled up by Foley’s. I’m used to name changes. They’ve managed to keep my business through all this, but I have the impression Macy’s is a tad too expensive for me. Is it similar to Nordstrom’s?

I can tell you when Macy’s gobbled up Jordan March, they cancelled everybody’s store credit card and issued their own – with a 5 percent jump in the interest rate, from 16 to 21 percent.

That’s one card that met the scissors.

Given that the story just hit the air, it will take Federated a while to bury the deceased. It was reported that the Strawbridge name will go-likely to be replaced by Macy’s.

Filene’s, too. :frowning: Actually, in Downtown Crossing in Boston the ancient Macy’s (former Jordan Marsh) and Filene’s loom over either side of Washington Street–if they change Filene’s it’ll be a Macy’s Monolith. Which is probably what they want.

Filene’s Basement is a slightly different legal entity, I think, so you may have some Basements without a Filene’s in New England (there’s also one on Sixth Avenue in NYC).

Bloomingdale’s is doing just fine; the 59th St. flagship goes strong and in fact they just opened a nice three-story branch in Soho with all-trendy, all-expensive clothes.

I used to have a Montgomery Ward card. When they went under, their credit was bought by WalMart, and they sent WalMart cards to everyone. I had the scissors out before I even finished reading the letter.

They took over Burdines in Florida too. I’d give my right arm to have my old job and work with the Macy’s buyer. I’d be filthy stinking rich.

They’re swallowing the Jones Stores here in the KC area. Although, Jones is Dillards is J.C. Penny’s is Macy’s, so there’s no loss either way.

G. Fox & Co. was a Hartford CT institution for decades. The north end of downtown is still distinguished by their Art Deco headquarters store. But back in the early 90’s they were purchased by May’s; the downtown store was sold (and now is a university campus) and all satellite stores were converted to Filene’s.

Now Filene’s are going to be Macy’s. I don’t think there are very many local - or even regional - department stores left.

Fuck Macy’s. I won’t buy anything there.

Why is Macy’s buying stores out anyway? Wouldn’t it be just as easy to take over the space owned by some of the ones that closed up shop? Then you can put your own people in, no legacy systems to worry about, etc.

It reduces your competition and increases your market share.

Yep, we already miss the Bon. They had great sales, and a very diverse and unique selection of merchandise. Great home and kitchen items as well. I’ve noticed a gradual migration away from what made them interesting to shop at since Macy’s took over. It is now at least a year since I’ve bought a thing from the former Bon, and rarely even walk in anymore.

It’s a sad day when even JC Penny can outdo you on style and selection…