Mad Love: New Series on CBS

Anyone watch this? It was a little cliche, kind of had a “How I Met Your Mother” vibe, but I still enjoyed it. I’ll give it another watch.

The only good part was watching the secondary characters (Labine and Greer) go at each other. I thought they were hilarious.

I noticed it was directed by Pamela Fryman, who has directed an overwhelming majority of the “How I Met Your Mother” shows. I definately has her stamp on it.

I too liked the secondary characters better.

For me things started of on the wrong foot because it’s taken the time slot of one of my favorites - "Rules of Engagement". I agree that the two friends are far more enjoyable - better actors, better story, better chemistry (even though they supposedly loathe each other). I’m very much not a Sarah Chalke fan but I thought she was adequate in this and I actually found the Jason Bigg’s character somewhat endearing. I don’t see it lasting long but I don’t mind it enough to turn it off (I’m usually working out at that time so not paying a super amount of attention).

I’m actually happy they moved that show and look forward to it withering away on whatever sitcom Siberia they sent it to… though I will miss Megyn Price.

Not that Mad Love was a very good replacement. As soon as I saw who was in it, I thought, “Oh, so it’s the pie humper from American Pie, Elliott from Scrubs and ‘Sock’ from Reaper… that sounds awful.”

It was better than I expected, but that’s not saying much because I didn’t have very high hopes for it based on the cast, the limited advertising for it (last night was literally the first time I’d ever heard of the show) and that they stuffed it between two very successful shows to get more eyes on it.

True to form, it seems like all three known actors (is the red head known? She didn’t look familiar to me) are showcasing their limited acting range and reprising their past roles, just with new names and occupations.

Had a few funny moments, though, and there is something about Tyler Labine in a secondary role that I find endlessly amusing (yet dreadfully unwatchable as a lead).

I won’t be heartbroken if it sinks like a stone, just so long as they don’t ruin the slot again by putting David Spade there.

This seems like a show I’ll take for granite.

I watch Rules but lately fast-forward through a lot of it. I’m not at all a fan of David Spade and find him annoying just being on the screen - he doesn’t even have to speak. (He’s really starting to show his age too, isn’t he?) Megyn Price and Bianca Kajlich are both attractive women - but all the characters are starting to wear on me. Timmy still makes me laugh.

I think Sarah Chalke is hot, but often find her characters to be annoying - so sometimes wonder if she is type-cast. Her character isn’t annoying yet, so I’ll keep watching.

As others said, the secondary characters are probably more interesting right now, I’m hoping that they all grow over the season.

I like all four of the leads, so it will get a Season Pass on Tivo for a few weeks. Sarah Chalke is one of my TV lust objects, and Judy Greer has been hilarious in every show I’ve seen her in.

I also agree with the previous poster as to the joy at Rules being exiled to Siberia. Never did like that show much.

She did a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory last season and seemed familiar; looked her up on IMDb at the time and nothing jumped out at me. Major babe, though; I meant to give the show a chance.

The part I liked best was when she played Herb’s sister Myra on Two and Half Men. Another vote that the sidekicks are better than the principals. Could the show actually be about them? Now that I think about it, they are telegraphing the whole fairy godmother thing a little heavy.

Arrested Development fans probably look at her and think she’s vaguely familiar - she was the secretary (Kitty Sanchez) on that show that kept having sex with GOB and George Sr.

I was disappointed to see that the ex-girlfriend won’t be a big part of it. Her granite and snatches were comic gold and they could have a permanent slot for her with those jokes alone.

As far as Sarah Chalke goes, I was hoping they would mix it up with her a bit more and have her be the pining smitten one in the relationship instead of going for the J.D., Ted, Pie Guy trio of pursuers.

OK, here’s my problem with it -

IMHO even though Jason Biggs and Sarah Chalke are only 2 years apart in age, he “plays” on the young side, and she “plays” more grown up. It’s like he’s a youngster and she’s an adult. So, they clash.

These two acting as cupid for their friends is wonderful. I think that they should secretly start a relationship now that comes out into the open at the end of the show. They both already know that they are doomed to fall for the other.

The lead characters aren’t interesting at all yet. The ex-girlfriend, administrative assistant/secretary has great potential. She gets great lines and delivers them without screw up. I thought “I brought snatches” was hilarious.

‘I brought snatches’ pretty much brought the house down here. So we would love to see more of her but it looks doubtful.

The interaction between the secondary characters was great especially the timing. Greer is always the snarky friend in anything she does plus the husband as a major crush on her as a redhead.

We liked it and will be DVRing it. Rules has gotten old recently and Spade is just annoying.

I’m pretty sure that this is the show’s gimmick. The “sidekicks” are the A couple and the “leads” are the B couple.

From the pilot it looks like a by-the-book sitcom. I think that a by-the-book sitcom can be a decent show if executed well, so I’ll stick with it for a few episodes.

I really like sitcoms, and for me it seems like there are fewer each year and of less quality too (probably a sign of getting old: Back in my day…).

So yeah, I agree, even a by-the-book sitcom can work for me. But I also think that a pilot is too short of a time for any show to establish itself.

So who played the Peter Lorre part?