Any love for the new CBS comedy, Mad Love?

It’s growing on me. At first, I thought it was a clone of How I Met Your Mother, with a standard Male-Female couple, a rascally single guy who hits on chicks and the single female friend. They all like to hang out in a New York bar.

But the show is hitting its stride, with the addition of Chris Parnell (adding a fifth male to round out the Met Mother formulaic quintet). Archer fans will note there are now two Archer voice actors in the cast, although it is unclear if Parnell will stick around.

I like it quite a lot, but entirely for the main characters’ best friends (who are from Reaper/Dead Last/Invasion and Mis-Guided). Oh, I like the clueless mom friend as well.

I’m sorry to tell you, though, that it won’t be renewed because I’m watching the first season. No sitcom I’ve ever watched the first season of as it aired has ever had even a full second season. Sorry :frowning:

I’m watching because my wife likes it; I probably would have given up by now otherwise.

The main reason it’s not grabbing me is Jason Biggs. He’s dull. He has no appeal as a romantic lead. Comparing him to Josh Radnor of the far superior HIMYM, there’s no comparison. A lot of people don’t like the character of Ted, and they have a point, but at least Radnor has some comic timing and can convey emotion believably. Biggs is just… blah.

And since he’s the lynchpin for the whole premise, it affects everything. I really like the rest of the cast, but having to play off Biggs drags them all down. The best scenes are those with only Tyler Labine and Judy Greer, but unfortunately the show isn’t about them.

I guess I’ll continue to follow it (with a crossword puzzle handy) as long as Mrs. Wheelz wants to keep watching, but I don’t have high hopes that I’ll change my mind about it.

Nope. It’s another terrible Chuck Lorre production, complete with actors practically cueing the audience to laugh at the assigned spots.

Love, no. Like, yes. If Chalke and Greer got naked, then it would move into love territory. Moderately funny and the friends steal the show. It’s a Chuck Lorre show, which means I’m going to watch it and probably laugh.

I didn’t know Chuck Lorre was involved, although he did have a hand in several other CBS comedies like Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly.

I found the Wiki article on casting the show to be interesting. Lizzy Caplan would have made a pretty good Connie.

As far as I can tell, Chuck Lorre has nothing to do with this show.

Stupid facts…

I guess it just felt like another crappy Lorre production, right down to the main character seemingly looking to the audience after each joke for approval.

I think this is a single season show. Now that they have introduced/admitted that the best friends are also interested in one another, I can’t really see where it could go. There is not enough history for viewers to know that they are better without one another. I think the only way the show could survive is if Bigg and Chalke split but Greer and Reaper-sidekick and then Bigg is replaced by Barney as the roommate (I’m only half joking).

I find Chalke irritating in that role, and Bigg is completely milquetoast. I like the secondary relationship (Greer/Labine) much better, but it can’t last.

I like the other new entry, Traffic Light, MUCH better.