mad magazine questions

a friend of mine and i were at a newsstand recently and picked up a mad magazine, something we both have laughed at and havent read in quite some time only to find out that ads and other such nonsense that any reader of the mag knew the previous publisher/founder william gaines never allowed during his career. so i have just a few questions to ask about the mags “recent” history…

what was the last issue of mad personally edited by william gaines?
what was the firs issue post his passing that the advertisements and garbage appeared in it?
and when did they switch to glossy paper stock?

Don’t know the answers to most of these but I have been reading off and on since '82 or so and I feel your pain about the ads, glossy color and some of the material. The glossy full color issue seems to feature a lot of the newer artists, some of which are an abomination, but others are good albiet in a different comedy style than the “golden” age. You should buy, instead, the “MAD XL” editions that come out almost as often as the glossy editions. This is a great, more traditional issue with all the old faves, tons of new stuff from the amazing artist Sergio Aragones (the terrific ‘Marginals XL’) and others, and a totally cool thing where they have a ‘featured artist’, with bio, pics, and 8+ articles featuring their work from over the years. I hardly ever buy the regular MADs but I always buy the XLs.

There’s always this.

I have this. It has everything, including animated Fold-Ins!

Almost but not totally complete. 22 pages are missing, pretty good for a collection covering 1952-1998. The missing material is mostly “imported” material. The Andy Griffith football story, a Jean Shepard monologue, an Old Philosopher ‘poem’ and some other stuff.

“Comic Strips They’d Really Like To Do” is a too bad omission. It was in the first issue I had, a Super Special from 1981.