Mad Men 2.11: Jet Set, 10/12/08 (open spoilers)

We finally get to see Don in LA and it looks like Peggy’s going to try and seduce the Swedish guy whith the turtleneck;). I hope that with Don in LA we’ll get to see how Sterling and Cooper interact with Peggy (we haven’t seen either of them speaking with her since she became a copywriter, have we:confused:).

HOLY CRAP!:eek: I was not expecting the Swede to out himself like that (to say nothing of how casually he was). And Peggy actually intended on going through with the date. She didn’t seem to care he was gay at all (other than being upset at picking the wrong boy again). Is the other gay guy too? The new hairstyle looks much better on her. Did Don just ditch Pete and blow off all the meetings to hang with the Europeans? Pete’s much too opportunistic to not take advantage of that.

It’s hard to know what to think of Don’s actions this week until we see what happens next. I don’t think he’s going to embrace the jet set lifestyle, but I’ve been wrong before.

There’s nothing at the website yet that gives a clue about who (whom?) he called.

“Are you all well off?” Surprising faux pas.

Not crazy about Peggy’s new do, but it’s better than the ponytail.

Duck’s maneuvering won’t end well. I hope they make the deal and kick Duck out on his ass for his trouble.

I didn’t care for any of the jet-setters. They seemed like parodies, phonies, cliches. Do real jetsetters act like jetsetters?

Who did he call as Dick Whitman (his real name)?

Salvadore was INTRIGUED!

Peggy still needs to lose the bangs.

Did you notice that one of Duck’s stipulations was to be in charge of creative, i.e., get power over Don Draper?

This episode was surreal.

Steve Whitman? Is that what he said?

Was that his real name? I thought it was Dick Whitman?

What is up!

“Kurt’s a homo” Best line of any show, ever.

Haven’t heard homo in a while…

This was just an outstanding episode, IMO. When the jet set guy showed up with 2 kids looking a lot like Don’s while Don’s in a pool with a half naked 21 year old - classic. Especially just after he got acquainted with Joy’s, uh, unconventional father. You want to find your daughter in a pool with some stranger 15 years older than she is in 15 years? Keep it up, Don, keep it up.
He did say Steve Whitman, not Dick, and I, too, was thinking “what the hell?!” I just expected him to be OUT of there, calling a car service or something. Was that Don’s house where his suitcase was delivered? Bets is going to love that!
The "outing’ scene was great, and I’m so glad that he’s done something different with Peggy’s hair.

The last scene, with shirtless Don with his arm draped (Draper?) over the back of the chair like the opening graphics was stunning. They should have ended the series with that one. (Not really - I would cry. I love this show!)

Of all the small careless acts of dickery that Don Dick Steve Draper Whitman has done, for some reason ripping out the last page of the book the girl was reading seems just elevated him to a new level of dick. That just seemed evil to me.

No, he said, “It’s Dick Whitman”; I rewatched it a couple times to be sure. Still, calling someone as his real self…very interesting. He dialed a long distance number, but ended the conversation with, “I’ll see you soon,” so it may be someone in California somewhere. And yeah, ripping the page out of the book…thanks, Dick.

That was so funny and painful, the scene where Kurt outs himself so casually; Sal is stunned, then looks like he’s going to throw up when the others, especially Ken, talk about how he’s a “pervert” and “I know they exist, but I don’t want to work with one.” Oof.

He did say “Dick Whitman.” The only person we know of that knew his real name was his dead brother. Maybe this has something to do with that flashback a few weeks ago in which some woman told him he wasn’t Don Draper.

Don seemed intrigued by the jetsetter/swinger lifestyle, but then repulsed at how it affected the kids.

Loved Peggy’s gay makeover and the fact that she was into Dylan. I’d love to see what Peggy will be like in 10 years.

For reasons that aren’t relevant here, I haven’t seen the episode yet. But I’ve been eagerly spoiling myself all over the 'net.

However, I can offer this from personal experience: You do not “lose” bangs. They have to grow out. And it takes a long time.

It was creepy how Don saw Betty’s doppelganger in the bar right before he met Joy. They seem to be deliberately paralleling Don with Roger, who is also throwing his life away for some pseudo-deep 21 year old. I think both Don and Roger are going to regret their choices, one way or another.

I didn’t quite get what Joy’s family was up to. Are they European royalty with a lot of inherited money that allows them to lead a life of leisure? Is such a posh, decadent life really what an ambitious Jay Gatsby type like Don wants? Won’t he feel just as limited and stifled in that life as he does with Betty in Ossining?

Will Roger really have to sell his shares in Sterling Cooper to appease Mona? Duck’s back on the sauce, which will impair his ability to pull this off. Duck better take advantage of Don’t absence, because when he comes back, all hell will break loose. Maybe Don will wind up buying out Roger instead of Duck’s guys.

I wonder what’s happening with Paul Kinsey…

Loved Peggy getting a make-over from her new gay friend. After hearing from Joan and Bobbi, it took a gay man with a scissors to make the difference for her. Pete noticed it, too.

My heart went out to Sal, whose eyes were as big as dinner plates when Kurt so casually came out, and then everyone at SC reacted. I’m sure he’s deeper in the closet than ever now.

The message of the ep did seem to be that America was much more conservative and Puritanical compared to Europe, esp. on matters of sex.

I couldn’t figure out what that group of nomads in Los Angeles was supposed to be up to.

And how realistic was it for Kurt to out himself like that? I thought that Sal’s approach of staying closeted was more realistic, but as someone said, perhaps this was to show the difference in the European attitudes. (Actually when Kurt and the other young guy first appeared, I thought they were a couple.)

Was the other Kurt, the American one, the guy who had the secretary on his lap while typing after Harry’s party last episode? I think he’s straight. But I agree, I did wonder about them when they appeared. Were Swedes much more open-minded about homosexuality in the 1960’s? Kurt seemed very off-hand with his revelation.

Forgot to ask, did anyone notice who played Joy? She looked all kinds of familiar.

To me this whole episode emphasized how American society was dancing on the cusp of change. New York was still more conservative than California was ( Pete’s-criticism of the CA lifestyle), younger adults were more openly sexual than older adults (Kurt vs Sal) etc. Don’s experiences were the embodiment of that change (“we’re here to work”- jumping into the car; Don vs Dick; leaving his baggage -literally- behind).

Most excellent episode.

What Exit?- I’m hoping he ripped out one the blank pages at the end of the book! :eek:

This is what I thought, too - it’s just too horrifying to think anything else, lol.

Laura Ramsey

Also, yes, the page Don ripped out of Joy’s book did have writing on it. That bastard!

I think that had more to do with him having no juice in California, thus getting the cold shoulder from the young lovelies.

And immediately after the other’s having outed himself, he said something like, “I don’t mind; just means more for me!” So yeah, apparently straight.

The whole outing and reaction to it surprised me. I don’t really know that much about being gay in the 60’s, but doing that kind of thing in the office can be an issue now, let alone forty years ago.

Um… you didn’t know Don Draper was an asshole? How did you miss that?