Mad Men - "Shut the door. Have a seat." - (Spoilers after airing)

Season 3 finale coming up tonight. How do we think they end the season?

Well the season finale is on tonight. The preview for tonight’s episode consisted entirely of clips from previous episodes and AMC didn’t put a sneak peak scene either. Please refrain from voting in the poll until after you’ve watched the entire episode and be advised that if you’ve never seen an episode of Mad Men before you’ll be hopelessly confused watching tonight’s episode.

Merged duplicate threads, which is why the poll isn’t mentioned until the second post.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Not yet over, and I cast my vote for loved it.

That was truly excellent. I can hardly wait for the next season. I especially liked the scene in the hotel room as we saw the core of the new company. And the title was, as always, completely appropriate.

Wow. Best hour of TV I’ve seen since The Wire.

I think I’m going to watch it again.

Excellent episode, excellent ending for the season.

The all new lean and mean SterlingCooperDraperPrice. Adios to Paul Kinsey and, hopefully, Lois. I’m betting they get Salvatore back.

HELL YES! Betty and Don, divorced. Hell, Betty’s not just going to Reno to get rid of Don she’s planning on coming back with a new husband. She’s finally acting her age.

Roger: Peggy, get me some coffee.
Peggy: No.

That exchanges sums up how far she’s come over the series pretty well. :smiley:

I’m not sure how Sal could return, given that Lucky Strike is their biggest client.

Well, looks like Betty is making the same mistake all over again, but Don may have learned something and might move on.

Hope this leaves the way clear for Sal to come back next season… did Pete get Marlboro, too?

Alas, though, no more Lois and her Lawnmower of Dark Vengeance to look forward to.

edit: d’oh! Lucky Strikes, not Marlboro. Poor Sal.

Holy cow. Now that, by God, is a Mad Men episode. (BTW, I was the one person who voted “Didn’t like it” last week.) Elizabeth Moss’s work in the scene with Don in the apartment was spot on. You could absolutely see the betrayal, the sadness, the barely controlled anger, the yearning.


I think it’s fan-frickin-tastic that Sterling Cooper Draper Payne (? I dunno) took the employees who are actually good at what they do. All the prize pigs!

ETA: Price. Draper Price. Thanks drastic.

Ditto. That was fucking amazing. If this episode had been the series finale instead of the season finale, I would have been satisfied. I’m just as energized for season four as Sterling Cooper Draper & Price are for their new futures. Did I get it right? SCD&P?


ETA: And another perfect song over the end titles. That’s not one of Orbison’s most popular songs. Major kudos to whomever came up with it. Face the future, forget about the past.

Wouldn’t it be cool if next season opened up with a scene of Saint-John and new owners celebrating in the boadroom and Lois bringing them all some nice delicious cookies that she made herself. :wink:

Can somebody explain the Hilton conflict of interest? I’m assuming that the McCann(?) already had another hotel as a client…is that right?

Regarding the name of the new firm, didn’t Pete Campbell try to negotiate his name on the door? Would that make it Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce & Campbell? Kind of unwieldy there.

And I liked Bert Cooper’s threat to lock Harry Crane in the storeroom, if he didn’t agree to join them.

They left that for him “as a goal”, as in “not yet”.

The told Campbell they’d consider it. My WAG is that he was made a partner, but not a named one. Remeber Don didn’t get his name on the door when he was made partner. If really wanna blow you mind just think of the dynamic if say Peggy was made a minor partner (yes I know this is unlikely, but just imagine her with even 1 or 2%).

Maybe it would be better if they came up with a shorter name like Stecoodrapry or something less stupid sounding then what I just typed. :smack:

Yeah, Pete tried to get his name in as a partner, but I think he got the message that wasn’t going to happen, no matter how much they needed him. He’s pretty smart where it comes to business (not so much, with women). And I actually liked his wife, for a change.

Let’s hope Harry has the good sense to let Joan take over his tv-watching for him; he’s hopeless at it.

I’m confused about that too. If it was all right for Don to have the New York hotels when he was at SC, why not let Don have them at McCann? Unless McCann would want their own man on the account. ?

Does anybody else think that Don aged about five years between these last two episodes? He looked downright haggard in some scenes. I think that was intentional.

After Don’s initial shock at hearing about Henry Francis, I think he was relieved. If Betty didn’t have that “life raft”, I think Don would have tried harder to save the marriage. Not because she was “whoring”, but because now he knows Betty will be taken care of.