Mad Men - "Shut the door. Have a seat." - (Spoilers after airing)

I loved that so much I don’t even have the words yet. Calling Joan is probably the single smartest thing Roger Sterling has ever done. And how awesome was Lane’s “Happy Christmas!” in response to St. John’s firing rant?

You know, if it weren’t for that pesky stolen identity thing, Don could completely fuck Betty over in the divorce, since she’s the one whose adultery has actually set the local tongues wagging.

One more thing…

I loved the music in this episode. Classic 1960s caper music…so sneaky.

McCann must already have a New York hotel as a client. Notice how Don never even considered trying to get Hilton now that they formed a new agency. Nothing will make Don put up with Connie again.
By the way, even though Sterling and Cooper were fired wouldn’t PPL still own their names? :confused: Is just adding a bunch of names after theirs enough or would they need to name the agency something other than SCDP? What does happen to Sterling-Cooper now that it’s been gutted? McCann’s not going to buy it now (hence Mr Sheffield’s comment about losing millions of pounds).

But Betty has not technically committed adultery.

That was a harrowing scene between Don and Betty, I was terrified he was going to slug her.

Excellent episode! I loved the pillaging of the office. Anyone who hasn’t been watching Mad Men would probably think, WTF? LOL!

Doesn’t matter. People *think *she has, and are willing to say it, which is exactly as much as she’d have on Don. And I strongly suspect that most judges of the time would have been much harsher toward wifely infidelity than husbandly.

Loved that line. I’ve always thought Peggy Draper had a ring to it; I see a romance for them. (I just hope that reruns get custody of Betty and the kids.)

A question: I’ve missed some episodes this season- how did they convince Don to sign a contract?

Also, a question about advertising business in general I suppose, but isn’t Lucky Strike’s contract with the agency and not the individuals? In other words, if Sterling et al leave, wouldn’t Sterling Cooper still have the contracts? It would seem that this would be in a contract as mutual benefit to both parties- the ad agencies so the clients can’t just cancel their account at a moment’s notice and the clients so that the ad men can’t just say “we don’t want this so let’s give it to another agency”.

Clients are rarely under contract, that’s why employers insist on non-compete contacts with employees.

For that matter if Hilton signed with Sterling Cooper without his insider knowledge and then Sterling Cooper was sold, would that void Hilton’s contract with them?

Has it ever been explained what Cooper really adds to the agency other than senior statesman and eccentricity? Sterling manages Lucky Strike but Cooper just sort of seems to putter around being rich.

Also, since Draper and Cooper and Sterling were fired, does that mean the Brits have to pay out their contracts or buy back their points in the company?

Don’t be so sure about that. New York still had the doctrine of recrimination in 1963. So if the court belived that they were both cheating on eachother than neither of them would be able to get a divorce. They’d have to stay married to eachother. IANAL, but this could put Don in an even worse position. If Betty was the “guilty party” in the divorce he wouldn’t have to pay her a cent in alimony. But if they were still legally married he could be forced to divorce her. Disclaimer; it’s midnight and I’m basing some of this of The Women.

Other favorite line:


Pryce: Very good then… Happy Christmas.

Connections, I believe. To other senior statesmen at other companies who need advertising. I had the impression that beyond his president duties at the original SC, he brought in some of the old wealth accounts.

I thought it was a great episode to leave on. I’d be thrilled to not see Betty Draper-Francis any more although I doubt I’ll be that lucky. It was great to see Don & Roger working together again.

“Is this a joke?”
“Yes. Happy birthday.”

I wonder if they went with Pete because Roger & Don really wanted him or because they just didn’t think they’d get Ken. If the remaining SC cast is shunted off for Season 4, I’ll miss seeing Cosgrove around. Won’t miss Kinsey much though.

Is Conrad Hilton the first real person they’ve portrayed on the show so far? (I’d wondered about the Lucky Strike men, but I’m pretty sure if there was a real Lee Garner, Jr., they wouldn’t have had him hitting on Salvatore.)

I wonder if there’s going to be a big Beatles/Ed Sullivan tie in next season. While I doubt they’d have anyone portray one of the Beatles I can see them using Pryce to work in a meeting with Brian Epstein through family connections or some such.

I know that posting this in a current thread borders on being trollish, and questionin “The Wild, Wild West” outside of Grant’s first term is silly, but…

I knew these guys before they drank themselves to death. It stopped being fun as I saw them enter the final stages.

Anybody who can watch this show has to realize that the likelihood of any of their fates is, at best, a meeting in a church basement with people sharing where they stashed half-pints.

At worst you can figure out.

Happy Wet-Blanket Christmas.

I think they also need Bert Cooper’s money for the new company. Much of Roger’s profits from the sale went to his ex-wife and Don has comparatively little money.

Love that Betty left the kids with Carla over Christmas so she can head out to Reno to get the divorce. I think that’s Chapter 26 in “How Not to be a Parent” by Betty Draper. Real classy.

Well, I figure one will drop out of a skyscraper window in the season finale as in the credits.

Plus so much of longevity and lifestyle has to do with genes. There’s a good chance Don Draper will die of lung cancer or cirrhosis before he’s 60, but then If Keith Richards can make it to 66 then Draper could easily make it to 90. The only thing we know for certain his family is susceptible to is childbirth, hanging, and horsekicks to the head and it’s not likely he’ll succomb to those.

Roger Sterling will probably go from stress since he’s already had heart attacks and now has a 20 year old wife to boot which probably means more kids (golddigging trophy wives will usually have the anchor baby if they’re smart; you may not always be a Sterling but the baby will).

I’ve wondered if in the final season they’ll start skipping ahead some. I’d love to see Don Draper working on NEW COKE or WINDOWS, and finally see him ala Michael Corleone in old age.

Until then, I’ll keep having fun :slight_smile:

You’d like to see Mad Men get the Godfather III treatment?

As far as tonight goes, it felt like we were on the verge of a montage there.

Technically, she has, although nobody knows that other than her and the guy she picked up in the bar on Cuban Missile Crisis day.

I loved the scene, even if it had me on edge, between Don & Betty when he finally called her out for being the “good one”. I’m sorry, but I kinda hoped he would deck her.

The reaction of the kids to the divorce was really well done, Sally is tired of being lied too and Jr. (can’t remember his name) was too young to really get anything but Daddy still loves you. I hope the series hangs around long enough for us to see the full effects , especially for Sally.