Mad-Men: 7.10 "The Forecast" (open spoilers)

Joan on a business trip should be interesting; though anything would be better than last week. I really hope we’ve seen the last of Megan & the waitress (though the former might still pop up given Marie’s run off with Roger). Only 4 more episodes left till the end.

There are five more until the end including tonight.

So did we know Dr Rape wasn’t Joan’s first husband before? Also are they combining that last to episodes into a 2-hr finale? There should be 4 episodes left after tonight (which is what I meant in the OP), but the preview for next week said there were only 3 episodes left.

It’s not just that these feel like “clean up” episodes but they feel that in large part because they’re bringing in characters that we frankly didn’t need to hear from. The show could have wrapped up without us seeing Rachel Mencken or Glenn again and I would have been fine with that.

I was sort of wondering what became of Lou after the McCann buyout.

Joan’s new romance was about as improbable as it gets. Hey, a guy who divorced his wife of twenty-two years because he wanted to be unchained, sleeps with Joan once, says he wants nothing to do with her kid then comes back twelve hours later to say he’s totally cool with her kid and is moving to New York – sure, why not. Sounds like a hell of a catch. Oh, and I was wracking my brain for Joan’s other marriage but… nope. No idea.

Hard to feel bad about a “creative” guy so dumb that he couldn’t make up his own joke or recovery and has to show amazing tone-deafness in assuming that a line that works on some tobacco guys works in every situation. Moron.

Pete had the best line with “I can fire you”. Granted, he only could in theory since he’d be outranked in a hurry but still.

Was Joan serious when she said that she would send her kid away? It had to have been sarcasm.

Big improvement over last week, but…Glenn? We didn’t miss ya.

Loved Sally burning Betty.

Joan. Oh my. Joan: Hey Roger, here’s your kid back for awhile.

Also, who was she married to besides Dr. Rape?

I think her mom alluded to it once, perhaps in that episode where the old friend who works for Avon came to NY for a visit.

Sarcasm. The guy responded with a defensive “You know I wasn’t asking you to do that” in the face of her calling him (via her comment) an asshole.

The bright side to that whole story is that the “Last time on…” scene with Joan telling Bob that she wanted love led me to think we were being forced to sit through more goddamn Bob Benson. So I’ll happily take this weirdo instead.

Are we going to find out in the final episode that Glenn died in action? Will anyone care?

I liked this episode- it seems they are moving toward a “younger generation taking the lead” type of message.

I found it interesting that while Don was struggling to envision the future of his company and getting little help from his peers, when he asks Peggy she has a crystal clear vision of her own future and is irritated at Don’s questioning. Sally’s friends at dinner knew exactly where they were going and what they wanted to do. Contrast that with Glen still looking for affirmation from the older generation (his step dad) and ends up heading to war.

Where this is all going I’m not sure, but it seems like they are heading towards bigger themes.

I didn’t read Joan’s answer as sarcasm, particularly after she just yelled “you’re ruining my life” basically at her son. I agree with everything else Jophiel said, though, as to why this new romance seems so unappealing. I thought this episode really rang false as to Joan. She may say she wants love, but we’ve never seen her pursue anything but security. Now she has the financial means to maintain herself, so she doesn’t need to throw her son overboard to go after a rich old man. Joan has always been cool and in control, and now at the very end of the show she acts totally out of character?

I think Don was disappointed by the utilitarian nature of Peggy’s vision of the future (as he was with Ted). He’s realizing that he has checked all the boxes that Peggy rattled off, and he’s still lonely and unhappy. Notice that everyone seems to be crapping on him lately – his daughter, his realtor, his underling.

It’s nice to see that Betty and Sally are managing to get along. It’s amusing to see Betty characteristically bragging about going back to school, even to Glenn. I also laughed at Sally’s expression when she realized that her friend was flirting with her father. Gross! She seemed struck by Don’s last remark to her, though.

Do I remember right that the actor who plays Glenn is Weiner’s son? Hence the curtain call, I suppose, and it would surprise me if he gets killed off. Hey, maybe Weiner will pitch him and Sally for a spin-off. “It’s ‘That 70s Show’, except darker!”

Joan’s answer was obviously sarcasm. She was just underlining how much of a shit the guy was in putting her in that position.

The babysitter looked like the one from the urban legend. When Joan called home, I immediately thought, “I just stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven!” Except Kevin is no longer an infant.

Meanwhile, Sally’s attitude when asking Betty for money was slap-worthy. I understand her resentment towards her parents for the larger issues, but that doesn’t justify being petty when asking for petty cash.

I almost made a joke in last week’s thread about everyone but Glenn and Sal showing up… and here, this week, is Glenn. sigh Didn’t have the effect they were going for – whatever that was supposed to be – because all I could think was “Good, I hope he dies as soon as he arrives, so we never have to sit through another Glenn + Betty scene again.”

… On the other hand, Sally’s insightful skewering of her parents’ pathetic need for attention was the highlight of the last several episodes.

We still haven’t seen Cutler yet since the buy-out, have we? Maybe he has a mustache now and I missed him.

They’re doing this really annoying thing where they announce “only x episodes left before the series finale”. So there are three episodes, then there’s one more.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the finale is two hours, but it’s still being counted as one.

Was it just me, or was Bruce Greenwood looking a bit orange when he was rolling around with Joan? Like, Guy Fieri or Michael Kors orange. He was clashing with her hair.

I thought it was interesting after Sally tells Don that she doesn’t want to be anything like him and Betty (way to go, Sally!) that Don basically takes fired creative guy’s comment to heart and tells Sally that she needs to be more than just a pretty face.

Also, eww Don, don’t flirt with the 17 year old.

I didn’t really see it as Don flirting although she was obviously coming on strong to him. He didn’t really address anything to her except to answer her questions. Likewise, I don’t think Betty was flirting really but rather just wanted to babble about her budding college career and, she thought, moving past the previous unpleasantness with Glenn in the face of his deployment. Both of them turning down the lure of the past/youth/etc?

Creative Guy struck me as just whiny, really. Yeah, Don’s handsome but he’s also a sharp thinker and very good at what he does. Compared to a guy whose best idea was to steal Don’s line and has the temperament/wisdom to argue in a client meeting and then tell off his (boss’s) boss, he should wish he had Don’s looks to fall back on.

As noted in other threads, Sally isn’t immune to acts of Betty style cattiness for someone who wants to be so different.

In an earlier season we found out that Joan was married before Greg, to a man named Scotty. She said it was the worst 6 months of her life. I think it was the episode where her friend visits from out of town.