Mad Scientist Halloween Costume <name suggestions>

Hey folks,

 This Halloween I'll be dressing up as a Mad Scientist complete with a neato burrito lab coat, googles, and a t-shirt that says "Science Rules!"  I'm supposed to come up with a name for my costumed persona but I'm stumped.  I thought Dr. Killenger would be really clever until I remembered I heard it on the Venture Bros.  Killenger was my best idea.


How about Dr. Horrible?

Why not name yourself after a truly brilliant Mad Scientist?

Go with Doc Cathode.

What’s your name? You could do Crazy Carl, Demented Dave, Fiendish Frank, and so on. What about Boris Karlov? That sounds like a mad scientist name.

Victor Frankenstein
Dr. Jekyll
Dr. Moreau
Dr. Hugo Grief
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Evil
Dr. Frank N. Furter

Here’s a link to all sorts of nonsense;

Have fun!

Dr. Nikola from the books of Guy Boothby

Dr Putrid T. Gangrene, creator of the infamous Killer Tomatoes.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Mad Science Program, you know.

Doc. Horrible is cool but I think it’ll be a bit overused. :slight_smile: I do like Doctor Cathode. Thanks for the help, folks!

Maybe Doctor Ganglia!

Doctor Werner Z. Electrode
Baron Nickel von Zirconium
Professor Phineas T Quackenbush

And here’s one from Futurama - Dr. Ogden Wernstrom

The choice of name depends on your specialty, really.

Doctor Ganglia would deal with vivisection and organs and horrifying assemblages of body parts that we are better off Not Seeing. Doc Cathode, on the other hand, is known for his work with Tesla coils and tubes and lightning and 1920’s style “Death Rays”.

Under your lab coat, you could wear a T-shirt from Transylvania Polygnostic University.

I’ve got a t-shirt that says “Science Rules!”