MAD syzygy- FairyChatMom, Oxymoron, and May 30th

FairyChatMom will soon be an official MAD. Oxymoron and OxyBf will be in town over the Memorial Day weekend. I’m soon to depart my present digs, will have to undertake the task of packing my worldly goods, and want to have one last soiree on the 30th, beginning at 5PM.

Attendees are invitied to bring foodstuffs of their choice, beasts of burden, or gold.
Fire and rum to be provided. Cast your lots now, and be not weak or faint of heart! :wink:

Kewl! Fire, rum, and Dopers. I’m in! :wink:

We’re in, if I get to snooch OxyBF.

Duh, I’m in :slight_smile:

I’m tenatively in. VunderWife plans on watching the Indy 500, so I may come alone.

I’d love to, but my grandmother is turning 89, so the Doors clan will not be making ir. Sorry.

Yoiks! We already had 2 things planned for that weekend - let me see what has been finalized and if we’re free that day.

Rolling Thunder is Monday, isn’t it? Sweetie wants to ride and he wants me along. I’ll hafta let you know.

Anita, you are a serious trooper for hosting yet again!

Let’s see, that day’s a bit full…pick up son, drive to BWI, drop off Dad, return to DC, drop off son…yeah, I’d say I’ll need a Dose of Dope by then! Hopefully I’ll manage to make something edible this time (note to self, you are NOT a baker).

Let me know when you know what you need me to bring. You have my email.


I’m out of the country that weekend, so I won’t be able to head down to DC. Sorry.

Dunno, I’ll see if I can make it.

I sure hope you and the Cap’n can make it. It would really stink if I get a reputation for throwing parties where the guests of honor are no-shows.

I’m there, and I’ll help with anything you need! :smiley:

Oh, shall I bring the margarita maker that provided us with frosty refreshment last weekend?

Can I bring a guest? :slight_smile:

What’s a MAD? I used to live in Bawlmer. Was I a MAD?

Yes, if you were registered on SDMB at the time.
MAD=Mid-Atlantic Doper

Well, DUH! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But I smooch OxyBF first.

I said nothing about smooching. I don’t want to get the pregnant on him.

hmmm… let me think about this. I think something is going on but I can’t quite remember what it is. Wait I think I’m swimming, no that’s not it. I’ve got it, no that’s not it either.

I’ve got it, I’ll be at a Golden Earring concert so I can’t make it.

You mean they’re still around? You’d give up a chance to meet FCM for some Radar Love?