MAD syzygy- FairyChatMom, Oxymoron, and May 30th

Yeah, yeah, rub it in you continent-hopping mofo you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ve already meet FCM, more then once. :cool:
I hope she’ll understand.

I’d love to (really, I would), but I have a bunch of other plans for that weekend that would probably interfere. If I can make it, I’ll be sure to check in again.

Hey Anita, betcha nobody thought they’d see another post from me again, eh?

But I’d be thrilled to join everyone, see you all there!

P.S. It happens to be 2 days before my birthday. I expect presents. :slight_smile:
P.P.S. My ultterior motive for going is that I’m secretly infatuated with nyctea (long word deleted). Don’t tell.

First you miss my cookout last weekend, now you might not come to Anita’s? I’m beginning to think you don’t love us anymore :frowning:

Well, my ulterior motive for going is that I’m secretly infatuated with Anita…shhhh…it’s a secret :smiley:

WOW! This is my kinda party thread!

Let’s see what we’ve got:

  • A fireman bringing fire (the cat dancing dude)
  • A pregnant lady snooching
  • Hi Opal!
  • Vonderbob, who is new to me! Can’t wait to meetcha!
  • Grandma Doors 89th birthday: The best excuse not to come that I’ve ever heard! (I’ll miss the clan, however)
  • FCM is officially a MAD, but not officially attending her party - YET!
  • AnnaLucrecia will be here without baked goods
  • Scuba Ben will be in London (which is no slouch of an excuse)
  • Ultrafilter seems to need coercing. I’ll see what I can do about that.
  • Birdgirl’s bringing the smoothie machine
  • Opal’s bringing the hunk-a-hunka
  • OxyMoron! Woohoo! At least one guest of honor is a sure thing, and he’s bringing his cute squeeze, too.
  • Edward the Head seems to have forgotten that he’s going to Europe so maybe he’ll be here, too!
  • av8rmike might need some coercing, too. Come on guys!
  • TeleTronOne is professing a secret infatuation
  • Yikes! So is Birdgirl! Hey, I could do a lot worse. She’s a hottie!

Hey! We’ve even got a back-up guest of honor: TTO’s birthday!

Wow! I am having more luck here than I am in this thread: Single Doper and Nerd Hookup Thread and Cotillion

So am I, but I know she’s out of my league. :smiley:

Of course, my ‘league’ consists of me and my wife these days. :slight_smile:

I’ll never live that down, will I?? :o

Probably not, from the looks of things.

One week countdown has started.

It looks like we have about fifteen so far. I think I can supply all the dead animal parts we’ll need, but I can use some volunteers to help with grill items for our vegetarian MADs and side dishes for all.

Who needs directions?

What should we bring?

I can bring one of my gardenburger vegetarian “bbq ribs” for myself. I will think of something else to bring for sharing…

Are there any other vegetarians? Please speak up.

Opal, I can use your help with disposables because I’ll bet you still have piles of plastic stuff from the last shindig.

Birdgirl, could you bring your big cooler and table again?

Everyone else:
-I will have a variety of sodas, but anyone who wants beer is invited to bring some.
-If you want to bring food to share, I recommend either salty snacks or salad type stuff, but it’s not required for admittance.
-Extra lawn chairs will be appreciated.

So far, only adults have RSVP’d. If anyone is bringing short people please let me know for planning purposes.

Our RSVP includes our short person.

I think it’s all still in my car, actually!

I’ll bring booze and food of some sort. Maybe my pasta salad again, it was really good last time. And probably a dessert of some kind too.