Mad T.V. was out of line tonight.

It is next to impossible to offend me, but Mad TV really gave it it’s best shot tonight. They had a segment on with “Marines” Singing songs about getting laid and so on. But that’s not what pissed me off.

What got me is, they introduced the segment stating “For now we are going to put the comedy aside…” and so on, talking about our military people fighting the war in Afganistan and such, then they have this crap. I’m all for satire, even when it’s low down and dirty, but the way they did that really left a bad taste. Especially when one of my very best friends son is over there.

I wouldn’t be so pissed had they not introduced it that way, as though this was real. This just wasn’t the time for that.

I doubt many Marines would have been offended by that. So why should you be?

Would you say that it made you… Mad?!?

I didn’t say I was offended, did I? I just said they gave it their best shot to try. they failed.

Being “pissed” and “offended” are 2 different things in my book.
(It’s my book, I’ll make the rules.:p)

It wasn’t the skit that pissed me off, but the introduction. I just though it was a little too real for something that was a satire. I just think now wasn’t the time for that.

If Mad makes you mad :mad: , the terrorists have won! :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh oh. Better not look at this, then.

For my money, Mad-TV sucks for this very reason. They try to be edgy and offensive and push it right over the edge.

I didn’t see this bit. I’ve only seen the show once (to see Tenacious D) since I was offended greivously by the following bit:
It was a faux-commercial for baby shirts. Except theses baby shirts were “Hilariously Irreverant” or something. Among the things printed on the shirts (which were being modeled by actual toddlers) – “Abused Child”, “Mommy Neglects Me”, “Child Porn Star” – all accompanied by uproarious canned laughter.

I thought it was beyond tasteless – and I’m a very tasteless person to begin with.

I thought the intro to the Marines sketch was necessary. Without it, The skit would have just opened on some singers in uniform. This being Mad-TV, you would have expected some funny or satirical songs.

With the viewer primed to expect a serious presentation, the skit had much greater impact.

Yeah, it was tasteless. Why else would you watch Mad-TV?

The only reasons to watch this show is for Will Sasso and the hot-as-fuck black chick on there. Don’t know her name but she is so fucking fine I would fuck her with a fucking fuck stick.

Ummm…I almost hate to mention this, but I’ve SEEN young girls (as in 6-10 years old) wearing “Porn Star” shirts. It seems to be a fashion thing at the moment (among women in general, at least in London), and obviously the fashion industry sees no reason why the pre-pubescent market should be neglected. :frowning:

Now, see, THAT’s pushing it over the edge. I thought the joke was funny (sorry, Jack). Actually seeing a 6-year-old in a shirt that says “Porn Star”…that disturbs me.

Hmmm - could it be that satire actually mirrors the world in which we live - just highlighting some of the stuff we pretend doesn’t exist?!?!?
Shurely not? (as they say in some parts of England!)

I stopped watching Saturday Night Live about ten years ago, when I saw a skit whose entire humor was that a scout leader was molesting a cub scout.

The followup skit based its entire humor around making fun of a disabled child.

Lemme know when Mad TV beats that in offensiveness.


I knew a man who had “fuck stick” tattooed on his fuck stick. Maybe you could use his.

(he was my patient at the hospital- I did not have sexual relations with him. Somehow I felt the need to clarify that.)

I know I speak for many people when I say… “Mad TV is still on the air?”

Debra Wilson. Nicole Sullivan used to turn my crank, but yeah, Debra Wilson, too.

Man, that is just fucking sad. Ok, so the joke was a joke, as tasteless as I thought it was. I don’t begrudge anybody their tasteless jokes, but putting what is more or less a sexually explicit shirt on a child is fucking sickening if you ask me. It seems like a wink to pedophilia. Am I way off base here?

What kind of parent would put a shirt like that on his/her child? The mind reels.

Oops – sorry for the hijack.

Just for everyone’s information, Porn Star is a brand-name of clothing that caters to the skateboard set. A dubious choice for a company name perhaps, but it’s legitimate. Similarly, there’s a surfboard wax called Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax.

Well what truly set me off was the Mad TV bit. I remember specifically seeing a toddler with a tshirt saying “Child Porn Star” in plain block letters (not anykind of logo), and I just couldn’t believe they would play that for laughs.

As for the brand name, well, waddayagonnado. I have no problem with it as a brand name, nor have I a problem with Sex Wax, but I’m still not going to put my toddler in a Porn Star tshirt.

Actually some of the things you people are complaining about seems to be pretty good social satire.

The toddler wearing the Child Porn Star shirt for instance… I’ve also seen young children wearing ‘Porn Star’ shirts and playboy shirts…

What I don’t get is the kids I’ve seen wearing them haven’t even HEARD about puberty yet. So who the hell is buying this stuff?

Mmmm Sex Wax.

I need to start surfing again