Madden 10 players, what player has surprised you the most?

For people playing Madden 10, which players who you would not expect much from in real life have surprised you by becoming valuable players for you in Madden?

I am sure anyone who plays a franchise has discovered Shagg Makino, who despite being a fictious Free Agent player, is actually one of the best RBs in the game.

I was also surprised by Brooks Foster from the Rams. He is not very well rated, has medium speed but good hands. I have him as a slot reciever and he has been a top 5 reciever for 3 games years now. He has two 1300+ receiving years and two years as #1 in recieveing TDs for me because he catches anything thrown at him and despite setting all sorts of records the AI defenses still won’t cover him. He is a slot receiver who is out gaining 95+ rated players. Definately would not expect that from the real Brooks Foster.

Who have you found?

Derrick Williams, rookie wide receiver for the Lions is very good as a slot receiver as well. He’s very elusive, which makes for some good YAC. Also, Joe Walsh is a very good receiver in free agency. He’s also “fictitious”. Aaron Brown is also very elusive for the Lions. On the opposite end is Kevin Smith. There’s nothing spectacular about him in the game at all, and he doesn’t get amazingly better, despite having an A for potential.