Maddening ISP problem: Lost connection

I want to chew nails when this happens! Usually, Bluelight will show the straight URL on the status bar at the bottom of the screen after "finding’ (for example, "Finding site "), instead of a series of numbers and “dots”; America Online loses the picture altogether and a dialog box “The Connection Failed,” followed by their regular audio “Goodbye!”
My brother, who sent me the computer, urged me to have as few connections between the modem input jack and the utility post (we live in a mobile home) as possible. So I got 100 feet of regular bulk telephone line–a large beige plastic insulator around four solid wires, each insulated with a different color–red, black, yellow, green. I fastened the one end to the utility pole with the usual screw connection; the other I fitted to a modular male plug and plugged it into the modem input jack on the back of the console.
There’s a modem output jack, which connects to three regular telephone extensions, none of which have any problems. But I feel like throwing something when I get the rug pulled out from under me by a lost connection! (In the Torrance Public Library, the computers connected to the Internet have another problem: The Watson Non-Fatal Error, which suddenly appears on the screen as a series of overlapping dialog boxes; the only way you can remove it is to exit Internet Explorer–the only ISP the library’s public computers use–altogether, then start all over again! :mad:

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Some suggestions (if you have a meter such as a sidekick you could measure the ‘quality’ of your phone line but you most likely don’t)

run a dedicated line from the NW1 (1st point of access of your phone line) to you computer and disconect all other lines while online.

try faxing to from your computer several times - if your connection speed falls below 9600 with a dedicated line call the phone company and complain of static on the line.

Try your computer on another phone line (bring it to a friends house)

Try another computer on your line

And remember, dropped modem calls can occur for various reasons, one of the most common is due to the provider, and has nothing to do with your line, modem, or computer.

If I understand your post, your provider is Bluelight. IIRC, they don’t have the best reputation for quality connections. In fact, I seem to recall some threads somewhere on SDMB to that effect. You may try search.

If you can possibly test another service provider (take advantage of one of those first month free deals, if needed), and see if you experience the same connection problems. Earthlink and AT&T both run quality networks, if you can find a deal, check with one of them.

Found any solution in the last 6 days?

If not, here’s an idea.

If that is not twisted pair wire, it’s going to give you a pretty poor connection. OK for voice, maybe not for computer data.

Telephone wire used for wall installation is usually twisted pair (that means each 2 wire pair is twisted together), but bulk cable sold for home use, like extensions from a wall socket, is not.

“Twisted-pair,” Musicat? I go to places like Home Depot, Loew’s, or Wood’s Hardware (now under the Ace Hardware aegis) in the Southwood part of Torrance, for telephone accessories; I live in southern Los Angeles County, in the city of Gardena. Where’s a good place to go for twisted-pair wire? (I’ve also been to the Fry’s store in Manhattan Beach. :slight_smile:

i have a compaq and had a similar problem. turned out to be rfi interference from a dimmer switch in my office. it can also be caused by rfi from security lights outside, near the phone box. the clue was the bumps only happened at night when the lights came on. took four months and five trips by the phone company and advice from a bulletin board to solve the nightmare.

you can put an rfi protector on your phone cord to the computer, the phone company gave it to me.

Those guys should have it. AKA “Category 5”. (Well, 5 is the best)
I bought some TP at Radio Shack for a quick network connection once. One end was twisted and one wasn’t :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Musicat
[Telephone wire used for wall installation is usually twisted pair (that means each 2 wire pair is twisted together), but bulk cable sold for home use, like extensions from a wall socket, is not.]
I had tried the TP wire, but I was disappointed, not convinced that the new wire was doing any better than the regular phone wire. So I reinstalled the old wire.
Now, in 2014, I no longer have the Compaq computer or Bluelight as an ISP; I use AOL. The old phone wire finked out on me, so I reattached the twisted-pair wire I’d kept all these years–and it works just fine. Thanks. :slight_smile:

AOL used to be a big NO! NO! from the cognoscenti. Is that no longer the case?

zombie or no

old style baseboard telephone wire is fine for voice phone and slow speed phone modems.

twisted pair is needed for high speed. this cable can be run in the wall or through a channel or tube on the wall surface for protection.