Made a skirt from husband's old shirt: cute or stupid-looking?

I can’t decide. We’re talking running errands here, not job interview or date. Is this skirt ridiculous, or cute? No big deal if it looks stupid, it took about 5 minutes to make.
Edit: dammit! sorry about title typo.

I think it’s cute, but then I have been known to wear oversized button down shirts as dresses so my opinion may be skewed. :stuck_out_tongue: But really, it’s not overly revealing, it’s different, I like it.

Looks like you’re wearing a pair of men’s 2xl boxer shorts.

As long as you’re excited to wear it, enjoy it.

Super cute. Looks nice and cool for summer too.

Even though it looks like a cross between oversize boxers, or a men’s shirt that managed to disappear under your shirt, I can’t bring myself to hate it.

My vote is for cute.

I love the actual style of it, and it does look very fresh and airy, but I do find the pattern on the particular shirt you used looks a tad pajama-y. I think with a different shirt, I would absolutely LOVE this.

I vote cute.

That pretty much sums it up for me - I can see why you’re torn, too. What the hell - wear it in good health. :slight_smile:

OK, so, consensus seems to be that it would not be a crime against humanity to wear this garment to Target. Good. I might do that once, as an experiment. If I get a zillion people staring at me trying to figure out if I’m wearing boxers in public, I’ll try my hand at making a cute little shirt thingie out of it. Sewing is fun!

So hot! If you wear that skirt he should bend you over the washing machine, and set it for a large load. Not so much because of the skirt itself, it’s cute, but more because you made it yourself. Crafty women should be loved as often as possible.

Ditto. Looks like boxers that are too big for you.

I vote for both – cute and ridiculous. I could never pull it off. If you can, though, awesome.

Though it does look a bit like oversized boxers.

I vote cute! It looks like something you’d find on Etsy, “hand crafted from vintage Arrow shirts”. (I made little short-short pajama bottoms from a pink oxford cloth shirt last year, though I wouldn’t wear them outside the house.)

Somewhere between cute and ridiculous. If you were my SO I don’t think I’d be super excited about you wearing it out to a social event, but for day to day stuff (Target) wouldn’t pipe up.


Nice legs, though.

Your thread title sucked me in… I like the bluntness of the choice.

I vote cute, and you can definitely pull it off with your body type.


Made me laugh. Cute and a bit silly. I’d wear it for my grocery outings.