Made-for-TV Movies on Video

I’ve seen several of these at the local video store. Usually it’s mediocre movies like “The Langoliers,” etc., but I have not seen the new “The Shining.” It was out on TV around four years ago but hasn’t made its way to home video yet. Is there some legal holdup going on? AFAIK, it was reasonably well-received, so there’s no real reason NOT to make it available on home video, is there?

BTW, any of the Teeming Millions have a copy that they taped? I could cut a check…

Me too. Stanley Kubrick died for his own sins. I want the Stephen King version.

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I think the problem was a legal one, not a popularity one. The kubrick version had exclusive screen and video rights, so they could only show this new version on television.

I got this quote from a website dedicated to The Shining.

This site also has a link to a site that has copies of the mini-series available at a high price.

I for one, loved the Kubrick version. I thought it was an excellent horror movie.


Sorry about that. I did the url wrong.


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