Madeline Kahn... I didn't even know she was sick!

She died today of ovarian cancer. :frowning:

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So sorry to hear that. She was a talented lady and a terrifically funny actress. I’ll pull out my DVDs of Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein this weekend.

Yeah, I just heard that on the radio. We’ve lost a gifted performer.

Damn. I didn’t know she was sick either.
I enjoyed her work…a lot. She was such an unlikely comedienne, with that huge presence and amazing voice.
May she rest in peace. She gave me some great moments of laughter. I hope somewhere, some of her fellow thespians throw a wake where they sing “I’m Tired” in her honor.


All I hear today is about Gene Rayburn, and it took this long for me to hear about Madeline Kahn? My god, the world sucks.

No shit? That’s a shame.

This is the first news & I’m sad, too. When I was 11, I was next to her at the baggage carousel in NYC, and recognised her (Young Frankenstein era), and was gaga in a kid way. She was sweet & gracious & funny, and gave her time to a kid. She did a lot to further the acceptance of a woman as sexy, tough, funny and feminine. Hot Stuff!

I just heard about it five minutes ago.
I don’t know what to say. . .

Her first appearance on SNL was great, especially “I Feel Pretty” as bride of Frankenstein.

MK announced that she had been fighting this about a month ago, according to the AP.
But I guess where ever she announced it, none of us were watching that show.
There seems to be one giveaway…or at least there seems to be a history here…

Let’s say you’re watching 60 Minutes and one of the segments is dedicated to a famous person who really hasn’t done anything great lately. And it’s really complementary and Mike Wallace isn’t trying “expose” something… If you ask “Why are they dedicating time to this person?” it’s because they know something most of the public doesn’t. You’ll be reading that person’s obit within a year.

Darn it! I loved her in “High Anxiety” the most, but also her other movies. This is sad news. :frowning:

This is a real bummer. She was one of the funniest performers, male or female, I’ve ever seen.

And a memorable “Sing What I Sing” with Grover on Sesame Street.

I heard about it on the radio Friday. It sucks. I had no idea she was sick, either, nor did I know she was 57. 57? She looked at least a decade younger!

I love Madeline…sigh

I used to think the world was against me. Now I know better. Some of the smaller countries are neutral.

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