One of my favorite actresses has died . . .

Rosemary DeCamp, at 90. Always liked her—most you of remember her (oh, god, I sound like Troy McClure!) as Jimmy Cagney’s Mom in “Yankee Doodle Dandy” (she was actually 11 years younger than Cagney!) and as Marlo Thomas’ Mom on “That Girl.”

Oh, and Gail Fisher from “Mannix” also has died—another good actress.

. . . Carry on . . .

Oy . . . they will be missed. :frowning:


  1. Balthus.
  3. The guy who produced THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and AIRPLANE!
  4. The guy who discovered Gilgamesh’s island.
  5. The race-car driver.
    And now these two.

So, are famous people dying in blocks of SEVEN now?

Or are these three sets of three, and we should expect two more deaths in the next day or two?

Scuse me, got to go check the obituaries.

Harmon H. Goldstone, the first chairman of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Emily Vermeule, emeritus professor of classical philiology and archaeology at Harvard. Expert on Mycenaean culture, 1580-1120 BC.

Do they count?

Oh, no! Not Emily Vermeule, emeritus professor of classical philiology and archaeology at Harvard!

. . . I didn’t even know she’d been ill . . .

…she looked like warmed-over shit, last time I saw 'er. But I assumed it was just the hangover, again.

Yeah she was, Eve. Low temperature, I believe. I wonder if any of those old broads also had a low temperature before they developed a permanent sepia tone ?

Anyway fellow flower affected and disco infected dopers, why no mention that one of New York’s finest, Stanley Kramer, turned his toes up late last week ? Yes, the ‘maverick’ large-budget-but-outside-the-studio-system Liberal Producer or Director of ‘Guess Who’s coming to Dinner’, ‘Judgement at Nuremburg’, ‘It’s a mad……world’, ‘High Noon’ etc.
Tis a sad, sad passing, people.

Shame on you, Ike!

Though I suppose you couldn’t be expected to know…

Emily died of heartbreak, from hearing that the Gilgamesh Island guy had gone to the Great Excavation in the Sky.

Last time I ran into her, in Baen’s Bar, she broke down and told me the story. It was a tragic tale, of campus politics that thwarted true love.

And you wonder why she drank!

Add John Fahey to the list, too.

'scuse me, would that be the John Fahey? He who started “alternative music” and coined the term when he started Tacoma Records in Tacoma Park, Maryland? The guitar player extrordinnaire? Oh, God, say it ain’t so. I’m prepping the ENTIRE John Fahey CD collection for the tribute.

And as Ukulele Ike mentioned in another thread, we mourn the passing of Charles Trenet. His memorial service was held today in the church of “La Madeleine” in Paris. He was incinerated at Père Lachaise and his ashes will be laid to rest in the family crypt in Narbonne (didn’t want you to miss any of the gory details.)

Amusing note: The auxiliary bishop of Paris, Jean-Michel di Falco, in his homily said that Le Fou Chantant “was not more of a saint than anyone of us.” What does the bishop know that I don’t? :eek:

Hmmmm . . . Could it be a coincidence, the demise of all these esoteric pop culture and art figures all at once? I’ll bet Joe Mannix could solve this case—I’ll call him up!

Hmmm . . . No one’s answering his phone . . . Where the hell’s Peggy?

This will sounds more callous than I mean it to, but isn’t this sort of an occupational hazard for you, Eve?

Switch to Teen Beat bios. Problem solved.

Let’s get that John Fahey tribute going, Holden…SHIT, that news depressed me.

Of of my favorite compositions of his was entitled “Orinda-Moraga.” Which sounds all cool and mystical and mysterious. And then you learn he named it after a freeway exit ramp near Berkeley, California.

Great musician, and a fine, quirky mind.

I find great comfort in these times to imagine a great train to heaven, and everybody rides! So even as we speak Gilgy Guy is finally buying Emily that drink in the club car, while Kramer and Rosemary are looking out the observation deck, Rosie smiling adoringly as Stan describes how he would frame this shot.

Great closing scene for the B movie this thread is turning into!

Hmmm…“The Bridge of San Brooklyn Rey”? (It’s certainly gotten Wilder enough!)

“Seven Dead Characters in Search of an Obituarist”?

Geez! I only remember her from “Bob Cummings Show” and Boraxo commercials on “Tales of Death Valley.” Shows what a sheltered life I led.

An aside–Was Ms. Vermuele the wife of a Japanese Culture scholar, Jacob Vermeule? I have his books on Japanese Coinage.


Oh, and Gail Fisher from “Mannix” also has died—another good actress.

. . . Carry on . . .

Is Mike Conners still alive? “Mannix” was my favourite show when I was a kid.

This is a slight hijack of the thread, so I try to be brief.

My father, his brother and my grandmother have a little ‘game’ they play. Its called " Vey isht gestorban?"
(I had to spell that phonetically. Its Yiddish) Translates to “Guess who died?”

When anybody famous (or from the old days) from my Grandma’s generation dies, the game/race is on! Whoever is the first to break the news to the trio, it the victor.

'course there really aren’t any winners in this game, unless you’ve got a lot of money in dead pools, but I find the whole thing very entertaining.

Side note to Eve: Saw your book on Anna Held at the library the other day in the new non-fiction section, but it was on reserve. I had to put my name on a list! I told them I knew you, but those library ladies and there damn rules…

Hey! I hitchhiked past that off-ramp nearly every day after high school to go horseback riding through Moraga and other towns near there. Don’t be dissin’ my turf Ikeman (as in “The Ikeman Cometh”)!

PS: We all know how I feel about 2001 so let’s not even go there.