Ever been thinking fondly of a celebrity...

Then remember that they died. And it just sort of hits you again?

I was thinking fondly of Madelaine Kahn in “Clue”. Then I was thinking about I hadn’t seen her in anything recently… then I remembered she had died. Then I was sad.

What celebrities did you think were still around and then realize they were dead?

John Ritter. :frowning:

In reverse. I was watching the start of the Indy 500 this year wondering who was going to sing that Indiana song because Jim Nabors is dead when who should appear to sing the song?

I could have SWORN i heard about him dying.

Adam Rich.
Sorry. My serious answer: Teresa Wright. :frowning:

Phil Hartman.

What a terrible waste & I wonder how his kids are doing quite often.

Another wistful Phil Hartman moment. In CalMeacham’s Alibris thread, Cal mentioned the SNL commercial about the bank that only makes change. “People ask how can we make money? The answer: Volume.”

sniff Miss ya, Phil.

This thread reminded me of this quote from U-Turn.

Jenny(Claire Danes): You like Patsy Cline? I just love her. I wonder how come she don’t put out no more new records.
Bobby(Sean Penn): She’s dead.
Jenny: Oh… that’s sad. Don’t that make you sad?
Bobby: I’ve had time to get over it.

Richard Harris. :frowning: Sigh. He made a great Dumbledore.

I have nothing of substance to contribute to this thread (nothing new there), but I wanted to pop in to say that this is not the subject I thought the thread was about, based solely on the title. :wink:

Jerry Orbach. Very often.

Heh. I too thought this thread was about contemplations of *fondling * a celebrity.

I’ve been meaning to post this for several hours now, but I’ve been . . . busy.

My answer to the original query: John Candy.

Wish he, along with lots of other dearly departed, were still making movies.

Whenever I see or hear Kermit the Frog from a post-1990 piece, I always get a little sad…
Jim Henson is the only “celebrity” whose death made me rather emotional - I was depressed for days.

Madeline Kahn is dead?

Now I’m sad. :frowning:

My input would probably be Rodney Dangerfield, except he died making jokes an dbeing cheerful, so how sad could I be?

Definetly Phil Hartman. I was watching NewsRadio over the weekend with SolGrundy, and it really brought home what a great comedian he was, and how much more he had ahead of him.

Animal House was on the other day. Then I remembered than John Vernon died. Then I thought, wow, I own 6 DVDs with him in them.

Then I was sad.

I often think people are already dead that aren’t.

I was really surprised to hear that **Oliver Reed ** was alive prior to Gladiator. Then he died anyways.

Then there was another hard drinking Irishman a few years ago…Richard Harris. I though he was long gone (then he died)

I could **have sworn ** that **Don Adams ** (Get Smart() died about 20 years ago. I just found out he’s alive!

Of all the talented musicians that have died too soon, for some reason I always feel especially upset for Jim Ellison (Material Issue), partly because he was local, and partly because he’s the kind of songwriter I would’ve liked to have been, had I the facility to write songs.

Uh…I’m thinking Don Adams better watch his back.

For me, I think of Fred Rogers from “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” and Bob “Captain Kangaroo” Keeshan. I watched a fair bit of children’s programming when I was a youngster, back in the days when we didn’t have cable TV and tons of TV channels to choose from. I’ll always remember watching Captain Kangaroo in the morning before school and Mr. Rogers when I came home.

I still have many fond thoughts about those two guys, and I was genuinely surprised at how sad I felt when they both passed away – particularly when Mr. Rogers died.