Madonna Die Another Day Video Cameo

I’m trying to get to the bottom of the identity of a mystery man appearing during the last 20 seconds of most recent madonna video. The shot is only a few frames long and takes place just after the guards see hebrew writing on the chair that Madonna disapeared from.

Suddenly there is a ‘flashback’ or something of a large furry man screaming in the chair…who is he? What was his significance?

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I’m not 100% sure about this, because I haven’t seen the video for a while, but wasn’t this man seen in the video earlier, cleaning the cases in the exhibition rooms or something? I have no idea why he appeared in the chair though. By the way, I think this guy was also the star of Fatboy Slim’s “Ya Mama” video, where he causes a riot with music that makes people jerk uncontrollably and break things. Both videos were directed by the same crew, Traktor.

But what is the meaning of the Hebrew text in the chair, and on Madonna’s shoulder?

I guess he was so distraught with the big mess in the exhibition room that he decided to end it all?

very strange video, esp. w/ all the kabalah references.

You know that you can view it at:

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The hebrew letters mean “loss of ego”.

Dunno about the man though, AFAIK he’s just an extra.

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