Madonna has never verified this picture?

Or maybe she just can’t remember? I don’t even know how the whole thing was suggested but it must have been after 1984.

The picture was taken in 1970, so Madonna must have been 12 at the time. August 16 is his death day, her birthday.

Has anyone said that was Madonna?

It sure looks like her. Not saying that the photo couldn’t be altered, like maybe her face on someone else body or something, but I’d money that is indeed her face.

It looks vaguely like Madonna and several thousand other girls. Other than a couple dozen websites speculating that it’s Madonna and the fact that it took place in Detroit, what evidence is there? The only way to really resolve this is to ask Madonna.

There’s not enough of that girl’s face showing to say anything. If we could see her ears, that’d make a big difference.

I don’t know the backstory to this picture, but the girl is supposed to be Madonna getting Elvis Presley’s autograph? But Madonna has said it isn’t her (or not confirmed that it was her)?

If Madonna, as a pre-famous adolescent, got THAT CLOSE to Elvis and (apparently) got his autograph, I am sure she would remember that moment – as most people alive at the time would have. I also don’t see any reason why she would want to deny or not talk about that moment happened if it was indeed her in the picture. If Madonna says that this isn’t her, then I would take her word for it.

It appears that Madonna has never been asked about the picture.

I just tweeted her asking about the photo. I’ll let y’all know when she responds… should be any minute now. :wink:

Seems to me we would have heard about this, say 30 years ago, if it was her.

I’ve heard about it a lot the last couple years. I don’t know if anyone has just asked Madonna.

I’m in the “probably just someone who looks like young Madonna” category.

This is definitely a picture of Madonna in '72. Compare the eyebrows.

Wait, some people are assuming she denied this was her, or can’t remember it.

But the OP said “Madonna has never verified this picture?” Does that mean she’s never said anything about this, and you just posted it anyhow? I could find a photo that looks like a young girl in the background of a concert pic and start a thread: “WHY has Justin Bieber never admitted he saw N*SYNC?”

Am I following this right? Is it truly “Madonna has no clue as to what we’re discussing here”?

I think she’s never commented.

I just tweeted the picture at her to see if she’ll tell me anything. I doubt I’ll get a response, but why not?

The front teeth are the same, so are the lines on either side of the nose. The eyebrows on the second picture are clearly altered (2 years is an eternity for a teenager.)

But just for me, it’s a no. The girl in the first pic simply looks too old to be 12.

To me the first pic looks like Madonna.

I’d say the second one is more on the Borderline.

That’s all you, dude. Most people consider a full face shot pretty good for recognizing a face.

It’s vaguely like her, with the distinctive tooth gap. I could believe it is her but it’s not blindingly obvious or anything, imho.

Especially if the girl in the second picture is supposed to be 2 years older than the girl in the first picture. I’ve never seen any teenager regress in their apparent age like that.

Papa, don’t.

The tooth gap isn’t very distinctive. I pretty much have the same thing and I’m a middle aged man. So does my daughter. Almost everyone has similar lines on the face. The first pic looks a lot like my daughter in 2018. I think I look pretty unique and there’s a younger guy at my work place that looks almost just like me with lighter hair and a slightly larger frame. There could have been 1000s of girls who looked like that at the time. If you compare to the 1972 pic, it does not look like the same girl at all.

A full front-of-the-face shot is enough for people to say “Hey, that looks a lot like so-and-so”. It’s not enough to say “that’s definitely so-and-so”, especially out of a potential pool of the entire US population of teenage girls.