Madonna - Hot or Not?

IMO, Madonna was at her hottest as a brunette in the “Like a Prayer” video. She has a great body for 50, but a butter face.

I’d take a look as she approached, but then when she got close enough…not so much.

I’ve always thought she was good-looking, but never hot. I’d have sex with her if the opportunity arose, but she’s not someone I’d ever fantasize about. That’s been the case all the way back to the '80s when I was a horny 14-year-old who’d fantasize over moderate breezes. Her personality is a major turn-off, but even without that she does little for me.

Honestly, in the OP’s photo, the first thing I thought of was the Cat Lady from A Clockwork Orange. Sort of like that friend of your mother’s who seemed a little creepy because she was always trying to fit in with the younger crowd.

Oh, I’d fuck her with your dick, but only nailed to the end of a ten foot pole.

Getting away from silenus’ genitalia, I don’t find her at all hot, and in general I’d have to agree with kunilou’s assessment of her; just kind of pathetic and somewhat nasty, and almost completely lacking in any talent except relentless self-promotion. She’s the sort of woman you’d go out on a date with and be bored to death because she’d only talk about herself.

Belinda Carlisle, on the other hand…

That looks like Virginia Madsen after the Joker is through with her.


Not. Never was.

I’m another one who’s never found her hot. The only time I thought she even apprached attractiveness was in the Material Girl video (channeling Marilyn Monroe).

And I agree with others who say she has an off-putting personality. She strikes me as exceedingly willful and self-absorbed. I’ve always felt that she probably doesn’t have one genuine friend in the whole world.

I think she used to be pretty hot, but lately she looks like she’s been used up. Too much working out and not enough moisturizer, IMHO. That’s saying a lot, because I love to work out!

The pic of her posted earlier where she looks pretty looked photoshopped all to hell.

Whaddup Popeye?
Just no.
Not terrible, but not that impressive either.

That picture is not what would sway my vote in a hot-or-not election. YMMV.

Doesn’t do a thing for me.

That and the fact she never was very interesting musically. Like Stranger on a Train said in his post, her real talent is relentless self-promotion and in that area, she’s a genius. It’s been 25 years since she burst on the scene and we’re still talking about her (this thread being proof).

Appearance-wise, I thought she looked cute when she was younger (and I agree that she looked better as a brunette). Now, not so much. However, in either instance, she not worth the trouble for the reasons stated.

Sorry, that last paragraph should read:


No. From her face you can still tell that she’s at least 45. I’m 29 so…no. If I was 50 I’d probably be like, “Mmm, mama!” Except that she’s not really my look. I’m not big on blondes and strong cheekbones.

47y/o straight male
never have seen the attraction

Madonna hot? NOT!

Ok, in this pic she is totally hot! (in the other one, not so much)

Which completely freaks me out, since she is just a few years younger than my mom.

In her *Like A Virgin *days, she was a little fleshier and really working the ‘lap dance attitude’, with the come hither looks and doing all of the time-honored ‘look at me, I’m sexy’ moves. But I never actually found her sexy.

In her *Sex Book *days, she was a butterface. I recall one picture of her where her body looked better than I had ever seen it; she was sort of hanging by her hands from a pole or something over a body of water, and I thought her body was kickin’. But her hair was over her face, so I could live out the fantasy. Her face has always seemed very hard and masculine to me, and therefore a turnoff.

These days, things haven’t improved. She’s just too sinewy, plus she still has that face which time has not treated gently.

Not to mention her attitude and personality, which is a big fat zero. Also, she fucked Sandra Bernhard, which is like playing with toxic waste.

So no, not hot and with rare exception, never was.

For me she is like Paris Hilton,sometimes she looks really good,sometimes really bad.

My god, that picture of her arm is just horrifying.

I’ve never really “gotten” Madonna, but I’m a straight female a few years older than her, so I have never been her target audience.

I’ll go with not.
Problem is she really doesn’t have any type of “girlish” features. She’s thin but doesn’t have a figure. Muscular but not sculpted. And I know tanning is bad for you and “out” right now but pale just doesn’t do it for me.
She 's just not very feminine.