Madonna - Hot or Not?

Ok, Madonna is single again. So men & gay women. Is Madonna hot? As in, right now? Not pre-yogatastic-manhand Madonna.

Personally, I think she’s quite hot - I think her body looks fantastic in the Hung Up video - see here: but I heard a number of people say it was nasty.

So - what say you? Would you hit it? Lets pretend for a minute that it wasn’t Madonna but some other 50 year old woman who looked like that? What is she was 30 - her body is better than most of the 30 year olds out there (except for her hands).

What do you think?

She is hot. Smoking even.

Let me look one more time . . .

Yep, damn hot. Some guys like the pre-pubescent boy thing as their standard of feminine beauty. I will never understand that.

IMO, not.

Although she was sorta hot in the Ray of Light video.

I’m in my early 40’s, and was a horny young guy when she had her first hit, but I don’t think I ever found her hot. I think personality plays a big role in how you perceive someone. Just as people I’ve known who were objectively average-looking raised their perceived ‘hotness’ by being nice, fun people, Madonna’s physical attractiveness was adversely affected by what I felt was an off-putting personality - at least as much as I could tell thru seeing her in the media.

As a young’un, I’d have thrown her some if she lost her mind and decided she HAD to have me, but I suspect the best thing about the experience would have been having a story to tell.

Not hot.

Ok, so it’s not Manonna anymore. It’s a woman her age who’s quite a bit less…strident. Nice, plesant, fun.

Now is she hot? Or hotter?

I’m a little older than Madonna, so I’ve seen her career arc from the very beginning.

I’ve never found her to be hot. She always struck me as that girl from 8th grade who figured out if she talked dirty, boys would pay attention to her. She may ACT hot, but that didn’t mean she IS hot.

True, she’s well-preserved for someone her age (much better preserved than I am) but that just magnifies that the whole is much less than the sum of her parts.

She looks good. Darn good for 50.

Not hot, but that’s probably largely due to the rather dated and (for as much as scanty clothing can be) frumpy look of the dancewear, and the poor lighting of the video. If you put her into something a bit more modern and generous, and had her doing a pole dance, I’m sure there’d be plenty Doper men (and gay women) with their tongue on the floor.

Not. Never has been, never will be. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.

Humm - I’m surprised you noticed the ugly dance wear with her booty hanging out like that.

Ok, how about this pic instead:

Better lighting, no weird leotard. This woman is walking towards you on the street giving you the eye.

Are you interested?

And remember - this is for people who want to have sex with her. Not people who are evaluating her from a social comparison standpoint please.

Maybe not hot, but hotter. IIRC, she’s been overdoing it on the exercise the past few years and was all wrinkles & bones the last I saw, but being less strident and more pleasant would only help. She might be hot for a fifty-year-old. She’s not someone I keep track of, so I don’t know her current appearance. The picture you linked to seemed fine. She looks to be in better shape than most ppl I see on a daily basis, but 300 pixel high full-body pic isn’t really the greatest way to know. Maybe another pic would show her to be too thin or haggard.

She’s in shape, but HOT is more than looks & curves.

Not hot. There’s something unappealing to me about her face and while there are certain women in her age bracket that I’ll go for, she isn’t one of them. Too stringy, too veiny. She might be in good shape for her age, but I’ve never been one to choose dates based off of how well somebody does in the gym.

OK, edit took too long. New opinion based on second picture linked to:

If I were to base my opinion on looks only, and I were to disregard the knowledge that heavy makeup and photoshop techniques were used, I’d say hot. She looks good in that pic, for any age.

I still think she needs a personality transplant, but I’m putting that aside for the purpose of your survey.

Oh yeah, she’s super veiny. She has total man hands - I guess in many ads her hands are photoshopped out and replaced with either model hands or her own hands are smoothed and retouched.

I will say, though, that she has fantastic arms. I’d love to have a girlfriend with arms like that.

There’s a saying that once you reach a certain age you have to choose between your ass and your face. She definitely chose her ass, because her face looks like the Crypt Keeper.

So not hot.

You leave my dick out of this!

I’ve actually wanted to find Maddie attractive, but excepting that period of time right around the True Blue album… nah. Not sure why. She’s good looking enough, has a decent body… but I never found her particularly sexy. I remember people getting het up about the Sex book she did, getting a look at it, and thinking, “So?”

Nowadays I can find fault with the veiny hands, etc. But that picture in front of the mirror? Not bad!

She has the stringy look of older women who work out too much in the mistaken belief they can compete with twenty-something women with respect to hotness. So another vote for not hot.

Her body’s okay for what it is, but her face prevents me from being able to find her hot.

But the real problem is her obvious, life-defining desperation to be popular. She must have the lowest self-esteem of any human who has ever lived.

She looks like a divorced executive secretary who spends all her money on clothes and makeup to recover her once good looks. Does nothing for me.