Madonna's children's books

Has anyone read any of Madonna’s children’s books? I’m curious but I ain’t gonna be the first.

Here are some.

I read The English Roses.

It’s god awful and is all about how a rich girl comes to terms with the other girls not liking her because she’s rich. And then they all become friends!

I read The English Roses.

Well, actually, I flipped through it in a bookstore and pointed out awful quotes to my classmates.

It was very patronizing and poorly-written. I would not recommend that book to anyone.

Thanks for taking the bullet for the rest of us, Justin. You’re a braver man than I.

I’ve read The English Roses as well. But I really bought it for the illustrations, I swear!
Slight Nitpick: “The English Roses” is the nickname for a group of four snobby, rich girls. The group has an attitude about another girl at school because she is prettier, kinder, smarter, etc. than they are. They are prompted to get to know her better and find that her life sucks. (Poverty, extensive housework and a dead mother) The Roses see how good this girl is, despite her troubles, and make her a part of their little clique.

The book is okay, even though the story has been done before. But if it takes Madonna’s name to get a parent to buy a book or a child to read one, I’m all for it.

Well, geez. It’s not like it takes a lot of commitment. I read the first two while I was shelving them at work. You don’t have to buy them or anything.

And please don’t buy them :D.

They’re pretty bad. Well, not actively bad. Not really interesting enough to be bad. They teach a nice lesson, but without any wit or charm or anything that might draw a child in (well, what wit and charm there is comes from the illustrations.)

Another words, she pretty much does for children’s literature what she did withSex for erotica. Nuff said.