Mafia game in progress.

Over on Idle Thoughts’ Mafia board (, a new game started last Wednesday, based on the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Go to the forum in Current Games.

25 players, 25 sides. The only alliances are those the players make themselves.

There’s plenty of room for unspoiled spectators in the Crippled God’s tent, and access to the spoiled side is only a PM to the Authors away if that’s what you want.

This announcement was graciously approved by Fluiddruid prior to publication.

Also, we may be in the market for a sub so if you feel like you missed out there’s still a chance.

Our missing player was knocked offline by computer issues but he’s back now, so we don’t need that sub anymore.

I’m just going to bump this once.

The game is shaing up to be quite dramatic, as Day 1 approaches its final 24 hours, with discussions both onboard and off.

Come and watch, partake of the refreshments in the Crippled God’s tent and then, having whetted your appetite, enter the spoilered forum where the Gang of Four (that’s us, the mods for the game) discuss the ongoing game.

We could do with a bit of outside company.

Does this mean that, unlike the three faction games, all conversation is out in the open? Because otherwise I don’t see what would be fun about watching it. Because most of the game would go on behind closed doors.

I know I could just check the board, but I’m tired, and don’t want to go through it all if the answer is that things are hidden

There is a lot of off-board communication going on. If we start getting spectators in the spoiled forum I’ll try to make the effort to ensure that all PMs are easily accessible.

Oh. I have some strange feeling that this used to apply to me, somehow.

Ok, but seriously, I’m still working, and I need the time away from the game.