Mafia II demo now available on Steam

What the title says, pretty much. I’m real anxious about the game, which is released in full on the 27th. The demo is downloading now, but it’ll be a while since I’m only on a 1mbit line for the moment.

Anyone else excited? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m stoked.

Good news for you: The game comes out the 24th, not the 27th.

I’m stupid, the 24th if American release, you were right.

I downloaded but I didn’t like playing it on the computer. I will still pick up the game though, but for my PS3.

Yeah, this feels a bit more like a console game to me, too. (The driving was pretty horific, though I only stole an oldmobile so I probably shouldn’t judge it just yet.) I’ve got the hardware for it, but it might just make a better console game - and by the controls, the PC version feels like a port. Of course, I’m not sure that’s warranted either - I’ve only tried what might just be the shortest damn demo, ever. I mean, 1GB download for 10 minutes? Literally, 10 minutes?

Doesn’t sound promising then. Another crappy port? When will develoeprs get the memo? PC gamers will NOT buy a crappy port.

Give us a decent PC game or don’t waste your time, it won’t sell here. And no, it’s not piracy or a smller market. Look at Startcraft II. nearly 500,000 more pre-orders than the upcoming Halo, and will probably sell just as good as that super popular game in a super popular genre (FPS vs RTS). But Starcraft II is a proper PC game, damn it! ::sigh:: I’ll give the demo a shot tonight if I get a chance. Are the controls as bad as GTAIV on the PC, worse, better?

I played the demo on my PS3. It was fun enough, although it’s going to take longer than one mission in order for me to get the hang of the driving.

I really enjoy the soundtrack. The first song that popped on was Frankie Lyman’s “Why do fools fall in love.” I then switched to another station and Frank Sinatra was on.

Oh, better than GTA IV, by all means. Just not good. But the game itself might be very worthwhile - it doesn’t appear to be a bad game by any standards. It looks good, the voice acting is good, the story appears to have some flesh on it and the original was superb. It’s no Godfather I/II game, in other words it’s not shit, but it feels way more console-based than I’d like.

Downloaded the demo inspired by this thread, and while the cutscenes and voice acting were atmospheric and the shooting bits felt like fun, the driving was like trying to steer a toy car by poking it with a 5 ft stick. I’m surprised I managed to drive almost all the way to the mission with just one collision. If I’d buy the game, I foresee myself getting really, really annoyed by the driving quite fast and then quitting the whole game the first time there’s a difficult car chase scene. Meh. :frowning:

I didn’t find the driving to bad, comparable to the old Mafia game. Although I had it on normal instead of simulation. The only thing I missed was the speed limiter button from Mafia 1, as barreling down a busy city street doing 70-80 mph is bound to make it difficult to avoid crashes :slight_smile:

The shooting scenes were fuuun, the trailer cool - I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time and the demo didn’t lessen my expectations, for sure :slight_smile: