MAFIA: The Road to Canterbury (Open Game; Sign-Ups)

So askthepizzaguy’s epic game is now finished, and the post-game analysis seems to be beginning to flag. Given the complexity of that game, and of many of our games of late, I thought it might be fun to introduce something a little bit simpler. I have a setup all but finished - roughly based on The Canterbury Tales, because why not? - and having consulted the Game Room moderators it appears that there is no one currently on the queue to host.

So. I’d like to host a game. The setup will be about 98% open; there may be one or more hidden elements, but essentially the goal here is to have an open game that can be played with reduced fear of the completely unknown.

The game will be a no-vanilla game. However, by and large all of the power roles (including the Scum power roles) will be one-shot powers only. Some roles will get to choose among several one-shot power options at the outset of the game, but will still be limited to one action for the entire game.

I’m nearly finished with the setup - I think I’ll finish it today, time permitting. Once I do, I’d welcome any input into the design (even from folks who want to play, one of the advantages of an open setup).

There are exactly 19 slots available. Anyone interested, please sign up by posting to this thread.

I’m in.

Yes, please.

I’ll play!

My first game but me please!

/in because storyteller’s games are great and because i once was in a play based on the same subject. :smiley:

you’re in good hands. i saw you have an RPG thread. as you may know, there is some amount of roleplaying here so you’ll enjoy that.

I like the idea of a more simple game.

/in please.

Man, I really hate to sit out a Storyteller game, especially one with as much potential for, well, storytelling as this one, but I don’t know what my Internet situation will be three weeks from now, and I can’t in good conscience sign up for a game that I’ll probably have to sub out of.

I will be watching as much as I can, though.

As an aside, be careful in the game design: Mostly-open with everyone having a unique role opens up the game to being broken by a mass claim.

I don’t think that’ll be a problem here, as you’ll see. If you’re sure you can’t play (or even if you can!), want to take a look at the setup? PM me if so.

I just hope for their sake that no-one gets the role of Nicholas.

Yeah, I read through the first half of Lord Phere. Though it appears roleplaying is a scum tell XD

I don’t think this is anywhere on the order of Phere. Storyteller’s run a few games on idlemafia. You could try reading a few of those if you want to get a feel for his style.

I hope not! First game and all.

Well, storyteller’s idea of simple is still pretty complex.

Yay! Up to six already:

  1. Mahaloth
  2. Inner Stickler
  3. Stanislaus
  4. Babale
  5. gnarlycharly
  6. Alka Seltzer

I’d like to play, but I have a strict “one game at a time” policy. If this game is still open for sign-ups when I’m out of the other, I’ll play.

By the way, Inner Stickler, you are still alive in the Idle-board game and your participation would be much appreciated.

/in please!

I’d love to sign up but I can’t in good conscience make this time commitment. Enjoy!

After the monster that was Phere and the Marathon that’s going on now over on Idle, I think I’m ready for a nice ‘simple’ game…

…but this looks like it’ll be even more fun :slight_smile:

/in please