Magazines on Ebay - How to Group

I have a couple hundred magaines I want to sell on Ebay. However, they’re not all of the same publication, however, they are the same genre. Most of them are Nintendo Powers, but I have a couple years of GamePro and EGM as well. Should I group them all into one auction or have different auctions for each publication? Thanks.

If you have old ones(early to mid 80s) sell them individually…they sell for around $10-20 each

I’ve sold hundreds of those myself

Advertise in pertinent Yahoo Groups(ones where people who like to play the retro games hang out…ask the moderator of the group BEFORE you spam them though…some like it and some do not) as well

Any that don’t sell right off at Ebay offer them to the people in the Groups for a flat rate each or in bundles

BTW EGMs usually sell better too

Good luck

Thanks Tommy. Just to provide more detais, the Nintendo Powers date from 94 to 2003 while the EGMs date from about 98 to 03. GamePro is about the same as EGM. But I think you gave me enough jnfo to help me along, thanks again.

Ok, I just compiled the list of magazines and this is how it breaks down:

Nintendo Power: 102
EGM: 48
GamePro: 38
Game Informer: 28
PC Magazione: 11
PSM: 8
Next Gen: 15
Tips and Tricks: 3
Nintendo Power Advance: 1
EGM 2: 2
Ultra GamePlayers: 4
Video Games for the Nintendo 64 (Published by EGM): 2
Xbox Magazine: 1
Stuff: 4

Total: 267 Magazines
Should I still group these together? They are all in Good-Excellent condition with few exceptions.

No one? (Final bump)

I would group them together by title, and break them down by years (i.e., sell all the Nintendo Powers from 1997 as a bundle, etc).