Magic Duels (F2P Online Card Game)

As mentioned in the free game thread, there is a free-to-play version of Magic: the Gathering’s “Duel of the Planeswalkers” computer game. It’s been out for iOS and recently released on Steam for PC and for the XBox One. I’ve only played the PC version. Its launch was less than ideal with a lot of initial downtime and server problems. It seems to be much better now but that was a stumble right out of the gate.

Anyway, I was in the middle of writing upmteen paragraphs about it but that just looks intimidating for an opening post. I’ll answer questions if anyone has any but is anyone else trying it out? Any thoughts? I think it has some spots where it needs work but I’ve been enjoying myself with it so far. Reviews on it are mixed; some people are upset about things like missing a 3+ player Free-for-All mode but a number of people are having fun as is.

I have been liking it. I just finished the story mode for all five Planeswalkers. Playing the non story matches has been challenging because the pool of cards I have is not the strongest. I also think i accidentally screwed myself out of a pack or two because I played some off line so I think I did not earn any coins.

When I play “real” magic it is always Constructed and I have been interested in trying Limited. This is kind of like a Giant sealed deck pool so it is sort of like limited which I am finding refreshing.

I am curious to see how future Sets get handled. A new Story Mode is a given but will the packs you earn just start having new cards in them or will you get a dump of commons and uncommons to start with in the non story matches. I wonder.

Yeah, the story/tutorial is a pretty odd learning curve. The first campaign (white) is easy-peasy but the next two (blue, black) are the hardest. And, if I was teaching someone Magic, black and blue would probably be the colors I tackled last since the tend to have more complex strategies. The second Blue/Jace match has you fighting a mill deck but I don’t think the game even explains that you lose if you can’t draw before that fight (strangely, it tells you this before the final Jace match after you’ve probably already experienced it).

If you go into the Help menu, there’s a page for “advanced tactics” that has a few optional tutorial bits worth more coins. I think there’s ~30 coins left unearned in tutorials after completing the whole story mode.

FYI They gave everyone on Steam 400 coins as recompense for the Server issues.

I’m a novice MtG card player, and the PC game has helped me keep what little I’ve learned fresh in my mind between card games (there are sometimes 2-3 weeks between them).

I’ve been really struggling to beat that deck, actually, with the cards it gives you.

The second Jace match I did well. For me it was the first one that was a bear to win. I think I tried that one ten times before I won and only because I had a perfect opening hand and the AI apparently drew junk.

The other one I had a hard time with was the middle Chandra one. All those green fatties would overwhelm the poor burn I had.

The Eldrazi Nissa match just confused me. I ended up winning without losing one life but I was playing it all wrong. I thought I would lose if Emrakul came out so I focused on killing Spawn to postpone it. Turns out you want it to happen.

You pretty much have to have a Psychic Spiral in your opening hand. It puts your graveyard into your library and puts an equal number of cards from your opponents library into their graveyard. But the AI mills you so you can’t trust one to come up during the game. Wait until you’re about out of cards, play it, win when the AI can’t draw during its turn.

This game won’t run on my iPad (too old a model), so I have to play it on PC.

I’ve spent so much time playing Hearthstone that I’ve become used to its quick nature. Because Magic has counters and instants, having to confirm every action and wait for the countdown timer on everything I do makes the game seem interminable. This is mitigated, I’m sure, by the mobile experience, but it’s super annoying on the PC.

I don’t know if it’s only for me, but the Daily Quest to do 30 points of non-combat damage is bugged. I can do it against the AI and get my 60 coins, then fight a PvP battle and, as long as I do any non-combat damage, it’ll give me another 60 coins. I can’t complain about the 120 coins though :smiley:

I haven’t seen a quest that wasn’t Win X games with Deck of such and such colors (BTW you have to use the Deck Wizard to make your deck for it to count for these Quests and the Wizard will often force you to build sub optimally).

Yeah, the Archetype quests are the “Win 2 games with a RG or RB deck” stuff. I always just power through them on Easy to get it over with.

Lately I’ve seen a few new quests. The before mentioned “Deal 30 points of non-combat damage to your opponent” and another similar one I don’t remember. It was easier, like “summon 20 artifacts” but was only worth 20 coins so I refreshed it and happily got the non-combat one again.

Maybe it’s payback for the game trolling me with that “You just received 400 coins!” notification each time I played long after I spent the 400 coins :smiley:

Been playing this a bit, but the archetype quests are starting to annoy me. What’s the point of having all this deckbuilding freedom and grinding gold for new cards if I’m stuck with whatever the evil deckbuilding wizard thinks I should use when I’m actually playing the game? There’s also the “get X wins with a deck you built yourself” where you can use whatever, but only seen that one once.

I do like it most of the time. I’ve always loved playing Magic (except when I get a flooded with land or get no land at all or my opponent isn’t playing anything because its his turn to suffer from too much/little mana). Spent a few years ages ago playing a lot of it and I never really got tired of it, just got new hobbies and lost my Magic friends when I moved.

Supposedly the “archetype” quests being restricted to assisted-built decks is a bug and will be fixed. Currently, I just let the Builder slap a deck together and play my two fights on Easy.

That’s second or third hand though; I don’t hang out in the Reddit places these things were supposedly said.

Waiting on it to get ported to a console. PS4 is on the list, waiting…

I’m working through the campaign. It’s fun and easy to play - the best implementation of the Duels series thus far (I have the 2013, 2014 and 2015 versions on both iPad and Steam, so I’m fairly familiar with the series). They’ve polished the UI and gotten rid of the horrific menu system that 2015 had.

The deck builder is weak, and I haven’t tried out live opponents yet, but that should be interesting.

I’ve also started playing MTG Online, which has a much richer deck building and drafting component, but a less elegant UI. I kind of wish there was a hybrid of the two, with the UI from Duels and the card choices of Online…

I toyed with MTG Online ages ago, but since they charge full physical retail price for virtual, nonexistent boosters, I didn’t bother to pursue it.

Even $2 for a six-card booster in Duels seems pricey although I guess you bring that down when you buy more coins at once (that’s just what they want me to say!). I haven’t been tempted yet though since I can usually knock out a booster a day with fairly casual play. I could do 2+ if I did duels to the gold cap plus quests but I’m just not THAT into playing the game to win a minimum of 20 duels a day.

The 6 card boosters make the collection building part of the game pretty strange - I have a ton of uncommon/rare cards now, but still am missing a lot of key commons (0 reave soul, only 1 claustrophobia, only 1 of the 2/2 renown/vigilance guy, zero of the bad lightning bolt, etc.) Cuts me off from a number of basic deck types. At least I’ve lucked out and gotten a bunch of thopter-related cards to build that deck with.

I thought I had read somewhere that the game only lets you put one copy of a rare in your deck so you should only get one copy of a rare from the packs. Anyone know if that is true because I just got a duplicate rare (and not a great one unfortunately).