Magic Mountain closing?

Did anyone hear that Magic Mountain (and five other Six Flags parks) might be sold to developers?

No, that would be a shame. I have fond memories of Magic Mountain. I wonder if would qualify as a historic landmark.

I heard it today on KLOS. I really don’t think they’d close it down; coaster enthusiasts would be up in arms.

On a more personal level, I would go much more often if the parks were more clean and well, orderly. I’m spoiled on Disney APs, what can I say?

I was the store magician at Prospector’s Junction (a very long time ago).

Read em and weep.

Man that sucks. Pre-accident I was a serious adrenaline junkie and loooooooved rollercoasters.

According to the Denver news talking about Elitch’s they were going to look for a buyers for the park for 12-24 months, before they would look at selling it as real estate.

It’s better for Americans to go to real Swiss sanitoriums anyway.

did anybody get that?

Six Flags owns a water park near here, and the city’s reminded them that they still have 43 years to go on the lease. :eek:

Noooooo!!! This BETTER not be true!!!

I haven’t been there since Superman opened (and that was a LONG time ago)…better organize a visit just in case the worst happens!

Magic Mountain really needs to take some notes from Disney: the Six Flags park is dirty, the staff is rude, the lines are always long (and there is nothing interesting to see or do int he line), and there is no special food (like Disneyland’s Monte Cristo or something of that nature).

I only ever go to Six Flags if someone else is paying, otherwise it just isn’t worth dealing with the above.

And the rides are too far apart. I was there recently and only had four hours to spend. (I know; why did we bother?) We only did about three rides, I think, partly because of the long lines (despite low attendance) but also because it took way too long walking up and down the hills to get from one ride to another.

Sadly, yes. Book encouraged my hypochondriac tendencies.



Let’s try that again.

The Six Flags parks do vary considerably in quality. Great Adventure in New Jersey has always been a pleasant experience for me. I hear the one in Texas is abysmal.

I live near Enchanted Village/Wild Waves that is on the list. What I saw in the newspaper says attendance was down last year over 20% from the previous year. I blame that on the rediculous high prices they charge, $8 to park, $43 adult, $28 for a child to enter and food prices that border on highway robbery. Before Six Flags bought this park about 6 years ago, parking was free, it cost about $20 to get in and you could bring picnic lunches. Me and my family haven’t been there in a couple years and don’t plan to visit anytime in the future. I can’t afford it.

Re: the food. I liked the BBQ ribs in Spillikin Corners. (This was like 1979, though.)

Re: the park. We used to call it ‘Six Stabs Tragic Mountain’ because gangs liked to hang out there. ISTR that while I was there, the count went up to seven stabbings. (I could be mistaken about that.) Twenty years ago the park seemed clean enough. I think the biggest problem was the gang activity.

DopeFest? :smiley:

Astroworld in Houston was closed down too. That park was one of the big reasons I bought a season pass this year. GF and I were gonna go to The Woodlands for a concert in August and wanted to check out Astroworld while we were there. So much for that idea, I guess.

BTW, yeah, the park here in San Antonio is pretty bad. I haven’t been to the one in Dallas in a long time, but from what I remember it wasn’t as bad as the one we have here.

Brilliantly articulated. If I may be so bold, it stands as one of your finest offerings here at The Straight Dope. :stuck_out_tongue:
I grew up in Philly and remember very clearly when Six Flags Great Adventure opened. Several things happened at once. Lots of people who had vinly covered car roofs were driving around with immense shreds of vinyl flapping in the breeze because the animals in the Safari portion of the park adored ripping the fuck out of them. Hilarious. :slight_smile:

When Six Flags bought Great Adventure from the man who had built it, they did a lot of cool things. That spring, some of our teachers ( 9th grade, Jr High graduating year back then ) decided to massage the Administration into allowing us a Field Trip Day to Great Adventure. It was spectacular. Few people knew the park was open yet, the rides were brand freakin’ new. We got there when the park opened ( 10 am? ) and I clearly remember riding The Runaway Train over and over and over and over and over again. Bliss. And oh god- the Lightnin’ Loops, which at the time were revolutionary because for a few seconds in each direction you were inverted ? Awesome. People stood in line for a long time to get onto those loops. Now by comparison they’re boring.

Great place. At the time it was considered very safe and fun. I’ve no idea what the 80’s and 90’s did to it.


Sure, I’m up for it. :wink:

With enough people, we could form a sit-down in the parking lot to block the bulldozers, arms interlocked, reading Straight Dope Classics to each other, and alternately singing “Kum-Ba-Ya”, “I Shall Be Released”, and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

That’s exactly why we haven’t been there in 20 years, nor would I take my kids. It ain’t safe.

And I love rollercoasters. I could ride all day.