Magic mushrooms = conspiracy to overthrow the government

Can anyone explain the connection between the two? A co-worker of mine told me that a friend of his got busted with psilocybin mushrooms and was charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government. I’ve also read online that getting caught with LSD will net you the same charge. Why? How does that work?

Can you provide a cite for this? I have never heard of anything like this. IIRC mushrooms and LSD are Class III drugs, possession/use of which is a low grade felony.

Where did you read this online? Cite?

I’ve never heard of such a thing, at least in the US. I do believe that one of the reasons that Treason was defined in the Constitution was to prevent the perceived misuse of British treason charges for all sorts of general naughty behavior that was only remotely connected with the survival of the government.

Well I can’t cite my co-worker, I just take his word for it. But for the LSD thing:

Search for the term “conspiracy” in those links to find what I’m talking about.

I didn’t read all of those links but it seems like a bunch of kids referencing themselves and some Urban Legends they heard.

They even bring it up on Snopes:

They mention it as a legend and in reference to LSD, not mushrooms.

Frankly, this is obviously idiotic and precisely the kind of thing I expect to hear from the kinds of people for whom marijuana use is a major cause of hour-long political rants. I hope you don’t take it very seriously; if you meet someone who does, ask them to cite specific cases and laws and share with the rest of us. (Or don’t; honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you skipped out on the second through tenth parts of their paranoid rantings.)

Yes, I was citing what was said about LSD. Like I said above, my co-worker told me about a friend of his who was charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government for possessing (or maybe it was growing) mushrooms.

I think I have found the problem.

Is class different from schedule? I’m not sure what a CLASS III drug is, but for prescribing/DEA purposes, they are SCHEDULE I drugs. That is no legal medical use except research and a high abuse potential.

Wikipedia lists both as Schedule I.

Sometimes the only thing exceeding human ignorance is the alacrity with which it is defended.

“I once heard of this guy whose girlfriend’s hair dressers’s boyfriend’s cousin…”

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Not you, your co-worker.

You are not called cheese donkey for nothing are you mate?

I could give an hour long talk about marijauna and politics and not leave the facts. What does that have to do with an urban legend? What’s the connection with an hour long political rant about marijuana?

Maybe it’s just my experience, but, when I hear an hour-long rant about marijuana and hemp, it’s entirely about how hemp is a Magical Miracle Crop and marijuana is a Wonder Drug and everything would be wonderful if it was all legal.

Of course it is–they make you grow bigger and stronger so you can take out the lizard overlords. Haven’t you seen this documentary?


Double smackdown.

Good one! E.G. Chesterton? :slight_smile: