magical mushrooms

Im currently taking antidepressants (SSRI), and I want to try magical mushrooms. Can there be an adverse reaction if i take mushrooms while being on antidepressants?



SSRIs should be fine but don’t take them on MAOIs

Rumor has it you can have adverse reactions to “magic mushrooms” even when you aren’t on anti-depressants.

Drugs are bad, m’kay? You shouldn’t take drugs cause drugs are bad. M’kay?

Research has been done into the use of psilocybin mushrooms to treat depression: see this PDF from the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Much information here.

broq, calling them ‘magical’ mushrooms is the first indication that you should stay away from them.

The blue stars, green clovers, and yellow moons are pretty safe to take, tho.

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