Magical shelf?

Alright, somebody simply must explain to me what this is: Magical shelf
Is it real? How does it work? Read down to the bottom. It says:
No, it doesn’t use glue.
No, it doesn’t use wire.
No, it doesn’t use magnets.
No, it won’t shock you (no electricity is used)
No, it doesn’t hang on threads.
No, it isn’t radioactive
No, the pictures aren’t faked.
No, you can’t sit or stand on it
Yes, it will look exactly like these pictures,
except YOUR books will be on it.
Yes, you can put a small goldfish bowl on it
Yes, it will last a long long long time (years)
Yes, it will dock with a glass wall
Yes, it is silent
Yes, it will work in an RV
Yes, it will float a picture frame
Yes, it will work in cold, hot or humid weather
Yes, it works outside, even under water.

Terribly disappointing, but apparently it’s a regular ol’ L-bracket shelf with a book glued over it to hide it. The bottom book IS the shelf.

link (Scroll down to read the first comment.)

Notice it doesn’t say “Doesn’t use drywall screws”. :smack:

How would you put it on a glass wall?

Augh! :smack: :smack: :smack:
Should’ve realized it when all the pictures were of stacks of books.

I suspect that they use adhesive for glass.

Thank you, WhyNot!

There’s one like that I’ve seen at art & craft fairs, where there’s another book stuck to the bottom of the shelf, but an inch out so it doesn’t touch the wall at all. This is very spooky.