Magnetized cutlery? What gives?

I was having breakfast in IHOP the other weekend when I encountered a strange phenomenon that’s crossed my path once or twice in the past. When I picked up my fork to dive into my french toast, the end stuck to the knife. Not like with gum, mind you. The fork and knife were magnetized. I was able to pull the knife across the table with my fork and then pulled it completely off the table and then spun it around with my finger, the knife stayed attached to the fork the entire time.

So what gives? Should I be registering for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, or is there another perhaps more plausible explination for this strange occurance?

If I AM a mutant, don’t worry I promise to use my powers mainly for good and only for evil once or twice a month.

You can magnetize some metals by hitting it in the right direction. Other magnets can also magnetize certain metals. You can do this yourself by stroking a cheap metal fork with a strong magnet a few times. You can also do it by hitting the fork hard with a hammer in certain ways but then it might not be a very good fork anymore.

I think Shag has it covered. I would just like to note it seems like a good idea. Keep the kids entertained with magnetic cutlery.

More here: Why is silverware in restaurants sometimes magnetic?

It’s to insure that you get enough iron in your diet. :wink:

At the restaurant I used to work at, there was a large magnet over the trash cans to keep silverware from falling in. They would get stuck, and be there for a while- thus causing your magnetic flatware. The link Squink posted has some links to pics in the thread.