Mailing list server to replace Yahoo

For several years I have managed a 16-member mailing list using Yahoo Groups. Yahoo has announced they will no longer support groups after December 14. I need to find another service to host my list. It needs to be free.

Can anyone recommend anything?


I’m in the same boat. I’m switching to Google Groups - I’ll let you know how it works…

My first thought was listserv, but then saw that it is no longer freeware. After some digging (it’s on their download menu, but not their pricing menu), they do have a free version, dependent on your use case.

Check out We started using it for our extended family emails about 2 years ago and it works just fine, and it’s 100% free.

One problem with Google Groups, I believe, is that you have to have a google/gmail account to use all its features. has no such restrictions.

Creating a group and sending invitations is easy to do. Each invitee has to accept the invitation to become part of the group.

There are a lot of features, but accepting the defaults worked fine for us…except we made it a private, rather than a public, discoverable group. There are a bunch of other features than are available, but we don’t use them.

A Yahoo group I was part of switched to Google Groups. It doesn’t handle pictures as well, but group e-mails work just fine.

For pictures, Yahoo Groups kept a copy of the picture separate so you could look at them separately, but Google Groups just keeps them in the e-mail.

I’m in an email group that uses We switched over from yahoo and it was seamless.