Maine lobster, or Pacific spiny lobster?

Inspired by this thread.

Which do you prefer: Maine lobster, or Pacific spiny lobster?

I prefer Pacific spiny lobster. No claws to mess with, and I think the meat is ‘sweeter’. Just tastes better to me.

But when I see lobsters in the market, it’s always ‘Live Maine Lobster!’ or else their frozen tails. I saw some Australian lobster tails at Pike’s Place Market, only it was $30/lb. and I can’t be spending $60 for dinner.

I prefer Maine, because I think the texture of the meat is better and it has a fuller flavor. I’ll take either one, though, thanks very much.

I’d wager it’s laregely marketing. Would you want to spend a day’s pay for a spiny anything?

Load up on whatever crustacean you can - the Dungeness crab season still isn’t starting as the processors are offering something like 25¢ less per pound than they paid last year, and the fishermen are demanding more than they were paid last year.

largely marketing, that is.

The universe helped me confirm this just now when I stepped out to mail something. A truck was heading up the road, emblazoned with big red lobster claws and “NEW ENGLAND LOBSTER AND FINE FOODS”

If a San Francisco seafood monger is plugging Maine lobsters over the local stuff, there must be a reason somewhere. Probably just translates to more lobsters for those of us who don’t care a whole lot where they’re from, so long as they taste good.

I’ve never had Pacific lobster.

Of course, I live in Boston…