Spiny lobster in Seattle or Vancouver (BC)?

I grew up with spiny lobsters, not the Maine kind with the claws. Spiny lobsters are much better than Maine lobsters, with sweeter meat and no claws to crack. But try to find them! They seemed to be more plentiful when I was a kid in San Diego. The last time I had spiny lobsters was in December, in Puerto Rico. I do see ‘rock lobster’ tails at Pike Place Market, but I have yet to find a restaurant that serves this delectable crustacean.

So… Are there any restaurants in Seattle, WA or Vancouver, BC that serve spiny lobsters?

Spiny lobster in California is seasonal, basically October to March. When I go to seafood restaurants in San Diego it tends to not always be on the menu even in season.

I’ve had both, and I like both, but I find Maine lobster, well prepared, to be far superior.

That’s weird. Because spiny lobster is far superior. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… No NW Coast types know of any restaurants in the area that serve spiny lobster?