Major aircrash in Spain

A MD-82 has crashed on take-off in Spain. Early reports indicate many dead.

Here’s hoping they’re wrong.

PPrune thread.

BBC report.

El Mundo report (in Spanish).

The radio says as many as fourty may have died. :frowning:

That’s so bizarre - I flew there only a few months ago!

Now El Mundo reports over 100 dead: 23 survivors; the rest are ‘carbonised corpses’.

Fuck. El Mundo now says ‘more than 140 dead, 28 evacuated from the plane’. But they also say there were 178 people on board, so there’s another 10 still missing. Left engine caught on fire, apparently.

From the AP:

“A Spanish emergency rescue official says there are only 26 survivors after an airliner with 173 people aboard crashed on takeoff from Madrid’s airport.”

147 presumed dead.

On PPrune they’re saying that the survivors were all from one area and were thrown clear. The pilots both had broken arms which means they were fighting to control the plane until the very end.